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su<Eth>kofantiva" , ou, oJ , the Sycophant-wind ( cf. kaikiva" ) Ar. ; and sukofantikov"


su<Eth>kofantikov" , hv, ovn , slanderous, calumnious, Dem .: Adv. -kw`" , Isocr.


su<Eth>kofavntria , hJ , fem. of sukofavnth" , Ar.


su<Eth>kovfa±si" , hJ , used metri grat. for sukofantiva , Anth.


su<Eth>koforevw , f. hvsw , to carry figs, Anth. From sukofovro"


su<Eth>ko-fovro" , on , ( fevrw ) fig-bearing, Strab.


suvla , Ep. for ejsuvla , 3 sing. impf. of sulavw .


su`la , tav , v. suvlh .


su<Eth>l-a±gwgevw , ( su`lon, ajgwgov" ) to carry off as booty, lead captive, N.T.


su<Eth>lavw , 3 sing. impf. ejsuvla , Ep. suvla , Ion. suvlaske :— Pass. , f. sulhqhvsomai : ( suvlh ):— to strip off, esp. to strip off the arms of a slain enemy: c. acc. pers. et rei, to strip off from another, strip him of his arms, Il., Eur. :— Pass. , c. acc. rei, to be stript, robbed, deprived of a thing, Trag.

II. c. acc. pers. only, to strip a man of his arms, to strip bare, pillage, plunder, Il., Hdt. , etc.
III. c. acc. rei only, to strip off, teuvcea ejsuvla Il.:—also to take off or out, ejsuvla tovxon took out the bow [from its case], Ib.; suvla pw`ma farevtrh" took the lid off the quiver, Ib.

2. to carry off, seize as spoil or booty, Hdt ., Att. :— Pass. to be carried off as spoil, Hdt .; to be taken away, Eur .; c. gen. rei, tiv" se sula`/ pavtra" ; who carries thee away from this country? Id.


su<Eth>leuvw , Ep. for foreg., used in pres. and impf. to despoil of arms, Il.: also, to despoil secretly, to trick, cheat, Ib.


su<Eth>levw, = sulavw :— Med. to steal for oneself, khrivon ejk sivmblwn suleuvmeno" ( Dor. for -ouvmeno"
) Theocr.

suvlh, SU vLH

SU vLH , hJ , or S `ULON , tov , the right of seizing the ship or cargo of a foreign merchant, to cover

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