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losses received through him: generally, the right of seizure, right of reprisal, mostly in pl. su`lai or su`la ; suvla" didovnai tini; katav tino" Dem .; o{pou su`lai mh; w\sinÆAqhnaivoi" where the Athenians have [to fear] no right of seizure, ap. Dem. ; su`la poiei`sqai to exercise this right, Lys.


su<Eth>lhvteira , hJ , fem. as if from sulhthvr , a robber, Eur.


sulla±bei`n , aor. 2 inf. of sullambavnw :— sullabevsqai , inf. med. Hence sullabhv


sulla±bhv , hJ , that which holds together, Aesch.

2. Pass. that which is held together, of several letters taken together, so as to form one sound, a syllable, Id., Plat. , etc. Hence sullabivzw


sulla±bivzw , f. sw , to join letters into syllables, to pronounce letters together, Luc.


sul-lagcavnw , f. -lhvxomai : pf. -eivlhca :— to be chosen by lot with others, Plut.


sul-la±levw , f. hvsw , to talk or converse with another, N.T.


sul-lambavnw , f. -lhvyomai : pf. suneivlhfa , pass. -eivlhmmai : aor. I sunevla±bon , inf. sulla±bei`n :— Pass. , f. -lhfqhvsomai :— to collect, gather together, esp. to rally scattered troops, Hdt. , Xen. , etc.

2. simply, to take with one, take up and carry off, Soph ., Ar. : to buy up, Ar.
3. to put together, close the mouth of a corpse, Plat. ; ". aujtou` to; stovma to shut his mouth, Ar.
4. in speaking, to comprehend, comprise, Hdt ., Plat.
II. to lay hold of, seize, grasp, c. acc ., Hdt. , Soph. ; c. gen ., ". tw`n scoinivwn to lay hold of them, Ar. ; absol. in part. , xullabwvn quickly, in a hurry, Id.:—also in Med. , c. gen ., xullabevsqai tou` xuvlou


2. to apprehend, arrest, Hdt ., Att. :— Pass. , pri;n xullhfqh`nai before they were arrested, Thuc.
3. of the mind, to comprehend, understand, Hdt ., Pind.
III. to receive at the same time, enjoy together, Hdt.
IV. of females, to conceive, Luc.
V. c. dat. pers. to take part with, assist, Hdt ., Att. :— absol. to assist, Aesch ., etc.
2. c. dat. pers. et c. gen. rei, to take part with one in a thing, Eur. , Ar. :—so in Med. , sunelavbeto tou` strateuvmato" Hdt .; novsou sullabevsqai Soph .: to contribute towards a thing, Thuc.


sul-levgw , f. -levxw : aor. I sunevlexa : pf. -eivloca :— Med. , f. -levxomai , aor. I -elexavmhn :— Pass. , f. -leghvsomai : aor. I -elevcqhn , aor. 2 -elevghn : pf. -eivlegmai (also used in med. sense), and levlegmai :— to collect, gather, Il., Hdt. , Att. :— ". mevlh to compile, scrape together tunes, Ar. ; ". u{brei" aujtou` to compile a list of them, Dem. :— Med. to collect for oneself, for ones own use, Il., etc.

2. ". sqevno" to collect ones powers, make a rally, Eur. :— Pass. to be collected, of the mind, Plat.
3. Pass. to come together, become customary, Xen.

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