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II. of persons, to call together, Eur .:—so in Med. , Od., etc. :— Pass. to come together, assemble, Hdt. , Att.

2. to collect, get together, stasiwvta" Hdt .; ". stratovn to levy an army, Lat. conscribere , Thuc.


suvl-lektro" , on , ( levktron ) partner of the bed, Eur.


sullhvbdhn , ( sullambavnw ) Adv. collectively, in sum, in short, Theogn ., Aesch. , etc.


sul-lhvgw , f. xw , to finish together with, c. dat ., Anth.


sullhptevon , verb. Adj. of sullambavnw , one must seize together, Eur.

2. sullhptevo", a, on , to be seized, Luc.


sullhvptria , hJ , fem. of sq. , Xen.


sullhvptwr , oro", oJ , a partner, accomplice, assistant, Aesch .; tinov" in a thing, Eur. , etc.


sullhfqh`nai , aor. I inf. pass. of sullambavnw .


suvl-lhyi" , ew", hJ , a taking together: a seizing, arresting, poiei`sqai xuvllhyin to arrest, Thuc.

II. conception, Plut.


sulloghv , hJ , ( sullevgw ) a gathering, collecting, Thuc .: metaph. , ejn geneivou xullogh`/ tricwvmato" in the first harvest of a beard, i.e. in early manhood, Aesch.

2. a levying of soldiers, Lat. conscriptio , Xen.
3. a summary, recapitulation, Dem.
II. (from Pass. ) an assembly, meeting, Hdt ., Lys. Hence sullogivzomai


sul-logivzomai : aor. I sunelogisavmhn and -elogivsqhn : pf. -lelovgismai : Dep. :— to collect and bring at once before the mind, to compute fully, sum up, Hdt ., Dem.

II. to collect or conclude from premisses, Lat. colligere , Plat ., Dem.
2. to conclude by way of syllogism, Arist .: —pf. in pass. sense, sullelogismevna logically concluded, Id.


sullogiØmai`o" , a, on , collected from divers places, Luc.


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