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III. to put together, and in Pass. to correspond, tally, Aesch.
2. to compare, tiv tini Hdt .; e}n pro;se{n Id.; ti prov" ti Plat .: —Pass ., to; Babulwvnion tavlanton sumballovmenon pro;" to; Eujboeikovn the Babyl. talent being compared with, reduced to, the Euboïc, Hdt.

3. in Med. to put together, reckon, compute, Id.
4. to compare ones own opinion with facts, and so to conclude, infer, conjecture, interpret, Pind. , Soph. , etc. :—so in Med. to make out, understand, Hdt.

IV. in Med. to agree upon, fix, settle, Xen.


suvmbama , tov , ( sumbaivnw III ) a chance, casualty, Luc.


sumbav" , aor. 2 part. of sumbaivnw .


sumba±seivw , Desiderat. of sumbaivnw II , to wish to make a league or covenant with another, tiniv Thuc.


sum-ba±siØleuvw , f. sw , to rule or reign together with, tiniv Luc.


suvmba±si" , ew" Ion. io", hJ , ( sumbaivnw II ) an agreement, arrangement, treaty, Hdt ., Eur. ; do;" xuvmbasin tevknoi" make them friends, Eur.


sumba±thvrio" , on , = sq. , Thuc.


sumba±tikov" , hv, ovn , ( sumbaivnw II ) tending to agreement, conciliatory, xumb. lovgoi Thuc .; oujde;n pravxante" xumbatikovn having effected nothing towards an agreement, Id.:— Adv. , -kw`" e[cein to be inclined to agreement, Plut.


sumbebavnai »a±1/4 , for -bebhkevnai , pf. inf. of sumbaivnw .


sum-belhv" , ev" , hit by several arrows at once, Polyb.


sumbh`nai , aor. 2 inf. of sumbaivnw .


sum-biavzomai , pf. -bebivasmai , Pass. to be forced together, to be reduced or extorted by force, Dem.


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