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sum-biØbavzw , Causal of sumbaivnw , to bring together: Pass. to be joined or knit together, framed,
2. metaph. to bring together, reconcile, Hdt .; ". tinav tini to reconcile one to another, Thuc.
II. to put together, compare, examine, Plat.
III. to prove logically, Arist ., N.T.
2. to teach, instruct, N.T. Hence sumbibastikov"


sumbiØbastikov" , hv, ovn , leading to reconciliation, Plut.


suvm-bio" , on, oJ and hJ , a companion, partner, Arist .: a husband or wife, Anth.


sum-biovw , f. -biwvsomai : pf. -bebivwka : aor. 2 -ebivwn , inf. -biw`nai :— to live with another, c. dat ., Dem. ; in pl. to live together, wJ" koinh`/ sumbiwsovmenoi Plat.


sumbiwtevon , verb. Adj. one must live with, tiniv Arist.


sumblhvmeno" , Ep. aor. 2 med. part. of sumbavllw (11. 4).


sumblhvsomai , Ep. fut. med. of sumbavllw (11. 4).


sumblhtov" , hv, ovn , verb. Adj. of sumbavllw , comparable, capable of being compared, absol. or c. dat. , Arist.


sum-boavw , f. hvsomai , to shout together with, tiniv Xen.

II. c. acc. to call on others at once, Id.


sumbohqeiva , hJ , joint aid or assistance, Thuc. From sumbohqevw


sum-bohqevw , f. hvsw , to render joint aid, join in assisting, Thuc ., Xen.


sumbovlaion , tov , like suvmbolon , a mark or sign to conclude from, a token, Hdt .: a symptom, Soph.

II. at Athens, a contract, covenant, bond, in acknowledgment of a loan, Oratt.; in pl. , of a single contract, Plat ., etc. ; ta; jAqhvnaze kai; ta; jAqhvnhqen sumb . a bond for money lent on freights to and from Athens, Dem.

2. generally, an engagement, Eur.
III. intercourse, Plut. Hence sumbovlaio"

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