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sumbovlaio" , a, on , of or concerning contracts, Thuc.


sumbolevw , to meet or fall in with, tiniv Aesch. From sumbolhv


sumbolhv , hJ , ( sumbavllomai ) a coming together, meeting, joining, Xen .: the juncture of two parts, the end, Lat. commissura , Hdt ., Plat.

II. in hostile sense, an encounter, engagement, battle, Hdt ., Aesch.
III. = sumbovlaion II , a contract, covenant, Arist .; in Ar. Ach. there is a play on signfs. II and III , encounter and accounts, charge and charges.

IV. in pl. , sumbolaiv were contributions for a common meal, pivnein ajpo; sumbolw`n , like de symbolis esse in Terent., Att. ; the entertainment itself, a picnic, Xen.


sumbolikov" , hv, ovn , ( suvmbolon ) signifying by a sign or symbol, symbolical, figurative, Luc. From suvmbolon


suvmbolon , tov , ( sumbavllw III ) a sign or token by which one infers a thing, Trag. ; lampavdo" to; suvmbolon the token of the beacon-fire, Aesch. :—often in pl. , of marks on the body, Eur. ; of omens, Aesch.

2. a pledge or pawn, on which money was advanced, Lys.
3. in pl. tallies, Lat. tesserae hospitales , i.e. the halves of a bone or coin, which two persons broke between them, each keeping one piece, Hdt. , Eur. , etc.

4. at Athens, a ticket, counter, Lat. tessera , such as were given to the dicasts, on presenting which they received their fee, Dem.

5. a permit or licence to reside, given to aliens, Ar .; a ticket given by each person who joined in a picnic, to be presented for payment at the end ( cf. sumbolhv IV), Id.

6. in Eccl. the distinctive mark of Christians, a confession of faith, a creed, Lat. symbolum .
II. in legal phrase, suvmbola were covenants between two states for protection of commerce, Dem. , etc. ; suvmbola poiei`sqai pro;" povlin to make a commercial treaty with a state, ta; ". sugcevein to violate such treaty, Id.


suvmbolo" , oJ , = suvmbolon , 1. 1, an augury, omen, Aesch ., Xen.


sumbouvleuma , ato", tov , advice given, Xen ., Arist. ; and sumbouleutevo"


sumbouleutevo" , a, on , verb. Adj. to be given as advice, Thuc.

II. -tevon , one must advise, tiniv Isocr.


sumbouleutikov" , hv, ovn , of or for advising, deliberative, of orators, Arist. From sumbouleuvw

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