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suvm-ma±co" , on , ( mavch ) fighting along with, allied with, tini Hdt ., Att. : as Subst. an ally, and in pl. allies, Hdt ., Att.

2. of things, summavcw/ doriv Aesch .; novmo" suvmmaco" tw`/ qevlonti Hdt .; c. gen. rei, ajreth; tw`n e[rgwn suvmmaco" Xen.


sum-meqevpw , to sway jointly, Anth.


sum-meqivsthmi , to help in changing, 3 sing. summeqista`/ (from -istavw ) Strab. II. Pass ., with aor. 2 et pf. act ., to change places along with another, Plut.


sum-meletavw , f. hvsw , to exercise or practise with or together, Anth.


sum-mevnw , f. menw` , to hold together, keep together, Thuc ., etc. : of treaties or agreements, to hold, continue, Hdt ., Thuc.


sum-merivzw , f. sw , to distribute in shares: Med. to take share in or with, c. dat ., N.T.


sum-mesouravnhsi" , hJ , ( oujra±nov" ) a being in the same meridian, Strab.


sum-metabavllw , f. -ba±lw` , to change along with other things, tiv tini Anth ., Plut. :— Pass. to change sides and take part with, tiniv Aeschin.

II. intr. in Act. to change with or together, Arist.


sum-meta-kosmevomai , Pass. to change ones habits along with another, c. dat ., Plut.


sum-metapivptw , f. -pesou`mai , to change along with others, c. dat ., Aeschin.


sum-metafevromai , Pass. to be borne off together, Plut.


sum-metaceirivzomai , Dep. to take charge of a thing with others, Isae.


sum-metevcw , f. -meqevxw , to partake of a thing with others, take part in it with others, c. dat. pers. et gen. rei, Eur. ; with gen. rei only, Id., Xen.


sum-metewrivzomai , Pass. to be raised together, Strab.

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