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summetivscw, = summetevcw , Soph.


sum-metoikevw , f. hvsw , to emigrate along with another, c. dat ., Plut.


summevtoco" , on , partaking with another in a thing, the partner of another, N.T.


summetrevw , f. hvsw , ( suvmmetro" ) to measure by comparison with another thing:— Pass. , 1. h\mar summetrouvmenon crovnw/ this day measured by calculation of time, Soph.
2. absol. to be commensurate with, Id.
3. oi|" oJ bivo" xunemetrhvqh who had their life measured out, Thuc.
II. Med. to measure for oneself, compute exactly, Hdt .; xunemetrhvsanto »to; tei`co"1/4 tai`" ejpibolai`" tw`n plivnqwn calculated its height by counting the courses of bricks, Thuc. Hence summevtrhsi"


summevtrhsi" , hJ , commeasurement, Thuc .; and summetriva


summetriva , hJ , commensurability, Arist.

II. symmetry, due proportion, Plat ., etc.


suvm-metro" , on , ( mevtron ) commensurate with another thing, Eur. : exactly fitting, Aesch .; tw`/de tajndri; x . being of like age with, Soph .; poiva/ suvmmetro" tuvch/ ; coincident with what chance? i.e. in the very nick of time, Id.; v. infr. III . 2.

2. commensurable, Arist.
II. in measure with, proportionable, exactly suitable, Isocr ., etc.
2. absol. in right measure, in due proportion, symmetrical, opp. to uJperbavllwn and ejlleivpwn , Plat. , etc.

3. generally, fitting, meet, due, Aesch .;— suvmmetro" wJ" kluvein within fit distance for hearing, Soph.

III. Adv. -trw" , Isocr. , etc.
2. in due time, Eur.


sum-mhtiavomai , Dep. to take counsel with or together, Il.


sum-mhca±navomai , f. hvsomai , Dep. to help to provide or procure, Xen.

2. to form plans with another, c. dat ., Plut.


suvmmiØga± , Adv. promiscously with others, c. dat ., Hdt.

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