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sum-miØghv" , ev" , ( mivgnumi ) commingled, promiscuous, Soph ., Eur. , etc.

2. c. dat. commingled with, Aesch.


sum-mivgnu<Eth>mi and -uvw ; 3 sing. imper. summivgnu : Ep. and Ion. , pres. summivsgw : f. -mivxw :— Med. , f. -mivxomai (also in pass. sense):— to mix together, commingle, h. Hom. ; to mix one thing with another, tiv tini Hdt ., Att. ; c. acc. only, summivxante" ta; stratovpeda having combined them, Hdt. :— Pass. , of a river, to be mingled with another river, c. dat ., Il.: to join forces, of two armies, Thuc. :— metaph. , oujdeiv" »ejsti1/4 tw`/ kako;n ouj sunemivcqh there is none who has not misery as an ingredient in his nature, Hdt .; summigevntwn touvtwn pavntwn when all these things happened together, Id.

2. to unite, qeou;" gunaixiv h. Hom. :— Pass. to have intercourse with, c. dat ., Hdt. , Aesch.
3. metaph ., ". tina; tuvca/ to make him acquainted with fortune, Pind. ; prh`gma summi`xaiv tini to communicate a matter to another, Hdt.

II. intr. in Act. to have intercourse with, to associate or communicate with others, c. dat ., Theogn. , Hdt. , etc. ; ". prov" tina to join him, Xen. :—generally, to meet for conversation or traffic, Hdt .; ". tiniv to converse with, Id., Eur.

2. in hostile sense, to meet in close fight, come to blows, engage, tiniv with one, Hdt. , etc.
3. generally, to meet, Xen.


suvm-mikto" , on , commingled, promiscuous, Hes ., Soph. : esp. of troops, irregular, Hdt ., Thuc. Adv. -tw" , Strab.


sum-mi<Eth>mhthv" , ou`, oJ , a joint-imitator, N.T.


sum-mimnhvskomai , Pass. to bear in mind with, Dem.


summi`xai , aor. I inf. of summivgnumi .


suvm-mixi" , ew", hJ , commixture, tino" prov" ti Plat.

II. intercourse, Plut.


sum-mi<Eth>sevw , f. hvsw , to join with in hating, Polyb.


sum-mivsgw , = summivgnumi , Hom. , etc.


suvm-molpo" , on , ( molphv ) = sunw/dov" , Eur.


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