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2. a cord with a noose, like the lasso, used by the Sagartians and Sarmatians to entangle and drag away their enemies, Hdt.


seirai`o" , a, on , ( seirav ) joined by a cord or band, i{ppo" ". = seirafovro" , Soph.

2. of cord, twisted, brovcoi Eur.


seira<Eth>-fovro" , Ion. seirh- , on , ( fevrw ) led by a rope, Hdt.

2. seirafovro" ( sc. i{ppo" ) , oJ , a horse which draws by the trace only (being harnessed by the side of the yoke-horses, zuvgioi ), a trace-horse, outrigger: metaph ., sometimes a yoke-mate, coadjutor, Aesch. ; sometimes for one who has light work, Id.


Seirhvn , h`no", hJ , a Siren: in pl. Seirh`ne", aiJ , the Sirens, mythical sisters on the south coast of Italy, who enticed seamen by their songs, and then slew them, Od. Hom. only knows of two, whence Ep. dual. gen. Seirhvnoiin .

II. metaph. a Siren, deceitful woman, Eur .: the Siren charm of eloquence, Aeschin. (Deriv. unknown.)


seirhfovro" , on , Ion. for seirafovro" .


seiriov-kauto" , on , scorched by the sun or dog-star, Anth.


seivrio" , oJ , ( seirov" ) the scorcher, name of the dog-star, Lat. Sirius , which marks the season of greatest heat, i.e. Aug. 24 to Sept. 24, Hes. , Eur. ; called Seivrio" kuvwn Aesch .; Seivrio" ajsthvr Hes.


seiriv" , ivdo", hJ , Dim. of seirav II , Xen.


seiro-mavstix , i<Eth>go", hJ , a knotted scourge, Eccl., Byz.


seiro-fovro" , on , = seirafovro" I , Eur.


sei"-avcqeia , hJ , ( seivw, a[cqo" ) a shaking off of burdens, Plut .: a name for the disburdening ordinance of Solon, by which all debts were lowered, Id.


seisiv-cqwn , ono", oJ , ( seivw ) earth-shaker, epith. of Poseidon, Pind.


seisma±tiva" , ou, oJ , of earthquakes, seism. tavfo" a burial in the ruins caused by an earthquake,

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