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sum-pla±navomai , Pass. to wander about with, Polyb.


sum-plavssw , Att. -ttw : aor. I sunevpla±sa :— to mould or fashion together, gaivh" of clay, Hes. :— Pass. , Ar.

2. of speakers and writers, xunomologou`nte" kai; x . by agreeing on an hypothesis and a fiction, Plat.

3. metaph. to feign or fabricate together, Dem.


sum-pla±ta±gevw , f. hvsw , to sound by striking together, ". cersiv to clap with the hands, Il.


sum-pleivone" , neut. -ona , several together, Lat. complures , Arist.


sum-plevkw , f. xw , to twine or plait together, Plat .; tiniv with a thing, Theocr. ; sumplevkonte" tw; cei`re eij" toujpivsw joining their hands behind them, Thuc.

II. Pass. to be twined together, entwined, entangled, Eur .; i[cnh sumpeplegmevna tracks entangled, crossing in different directions, Xen.

2. of persons wrestling, to be locked together with another, c. dat ., Hdt. : generally, to be engaged in close fight, Dem .: of a ship, to be entangled with her opponent, Hdt. :—then, metaph. to be entangled in, th`/ Skuqw`n ejrhmiva/ sumplakh`nai Ar .; sumpeplevgmeqa xevnw/ we are entangled or engaged with him, Eur. ; of war, to be engaged in, Dem.

III. intr. in Act. , = Pass. , Eur.


suvm-pleo" , Att. -plew", a, on , quite full, Xen.


sum-plevw , f. -pleuvsomai : Ion. -plwvw , -plwvsomai :— to sail in company with, tiniv Hdt ., etc. ; absol. , Thuc.


sumplhgav" , avdo", hJ , ( sumplhvssw ) striking or dashing together, xumplhgavde" pevtrai the justling rocks, i.e. the Kuavneai nh`soi , which were supposed to close in on all who sailed between them, Eur. ; also Xumplhgavde" (without pevtrai ) Id.; also in sing. , Id.


sum-plhvgdhn , ( plhvssw ) Adv. with clapping of hands, Theocr.


sum-plhquvnw »u<Eth>1/4 , to multiply or increase together, Xen.


sum-plhquvw , to help to fill or increase, Hdt.


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