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suvmfuØto" , on , ( sumfuvomai ) born with one, congenital, innate, natural, inborn, inbred, Pind ., Plat. ; ". aijwvn our natural age, i.e. old age, Aesch. ; neikevwn ". tevktwn the natural author of strife, i.e. cause of strife natural to the race, Id.; ej" to; " . according to ones nature, Eur.

2. c. dat. natural to, Lys.


sum-fuvw , f. -fuvsw , to make to grow together, Plat.

II. Pass ., with pf. act. sumpevfu<Eth>ka , aor. 2 sunevfu<Eth>n :— to grow together, Id., Xen.
2. to grow to or into, ". ajllhvloi" Plat.
3. to grow up with one, to become natural, Arist.


sum-fwnevw , f. hvsw , to agree in sound, be in harmony, Plat.

II. metaph. to agree with, hold the same opinions with, tiniv Id.
2. to make an agreement or bargain with any one, prov" tina Xen .; ". tiniv dhnarivou to agree with one for a denarius, N.T. : Pass. , sunefwnhvqh uJmi`n it was agreed between you, Ib.

3. to conspire, Arist. Hence sumfwniva


sumfwniva , hJ , concord or unison of sound, Plat.

II. metaph. harmony, agreement, Id.


suvm-fwno" , on , ( fwnhv ) agreeing in sound, in unison, h. Hom. , Ar. : generally, echoing to cries, Soph.

2. metaph. harmonious, friendly, Pind ., Soph. ; ". tini in harmony or agreement with, Plat.


sum-yauvw , f. sw , to touch one another, Xen.


sum-yavw , f. hvsw , to sweep away, of a rapid river, Hdt.


sum-yhfivzw , f. sw , to reckon together, count up, N.T.


suvm-yhfo" , on , voting with, tini Plat ., etc. ; ". tiniv tino" voting with one for a thing, Id.:— absol. voting together, of the same opinion, Dem.


sum-yofevw , f. hvsw , to make a noise together, Polyb.


suvm-yu<Eth>co" , on , ( yuchv ) of one mind, at unity, N.T.

suvn, SU vN, suvn

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