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SU vN »uØ1/4 , old Att. xuvn , Prep. with dat. , Lat. xum :

I. along with, in company with, together with, deu`rÆ h[luqe su;n Menelavw/ Il.
2. with collat. notion of help, su;n qew`/ with Gods help or blessing, (the God being conceived as standing with one), Hom. , etc. ; su;n qew`/ eijrhmevnon spoken as by inspiration, Hdt. : so, su;n daivmoni, su;n Diiv, su;nÆAqhvnh/ Il.; so also, suvn tini ei\nai or givgnesqai to be with another, i.e. on his side, of his party, Xen .; oiJ suvn tini any ones friends, followers, Id.

3. endued with, a[koiti" su;n megavlh/ ajreth`/ Od.: of things that belong or are attached to a person, sth` su;n douriv Il.; skh`ptron, su;n tw`/ e[bh Ib.; aujth`/ su;n fovrmiggi Ib. (here, in Att. , the suvn is often omitted).

4. of two or more things taken together, quvellai su;n borevh/, a[nemo" su;n laivlapi Ib.; also of coincidence in point of time, a[kra/ su;n eJspevra/ Pind.

5. of connexion or consequence, su;n megavlw/ ajpoti`sai to pay with a great loss, i.e. suffer greatly,
su;n tw`/ sw`/ ajgaqw`/ to your advantage, Lat. tuo cum commodo , Xen .; su;n miavsmati attended with

pollution, Soph. :—and, generally, in accordance with; su;n divka/ Pind ., su;n kovsmw/, su;n tavcei , etc. , nearly = Advs. dikaivw", kosmivw", tacevw" , Att.

6. with, by means of, su;n nefevessi kavluyen gai`an Od., Pind. ; plou`ton ejkthvsw su;n aijcmh`/ Aesch.

7. with Ordin. Numerals, ejmoi; su;n eJbdovmw/ , i.e. myself with six others, Id.
B. suvn AS ADV. together, Aesch ., Soph.
2. besides, also, likewise, Od., Trag.

1. with, along with, together, Lat. con- : —in Compos. with a trans. Verb, as kteivnw, suvn may refer to two things, to kill one person as well as another, or, to join with another in killing.

2. of the completion of an action, altogether, completely, as in sumplhrovw, suntevmnw .
3. joined with numerals, suvnduo two together or by twos, two and two; so suvntrei", suvmpente , etc. , like Lat. bini, terni , etc.

II. sun- before b m p f y , becomes sum- ; before g k x c, sug- ; before l, sul- ; before ", su"- , but before st, su- , as susth`nai .


suna±ga±gei`n , aor. 2 inf. of sunavgw .


sun-a±ga±naktevw , to be vexed along with, tiniv Polyb.


sun-a±ga±pavw , f. hvsw , to love along with, tiniv Polyb.


sun-avggelo" , oJ , a fellow messenger or ambassador, Hdt.


sun-aggiva , hJ , ( a[ggo" ) a confined space, Babr.


sun-a±geivrw , f. -agerw` : aor. I sunhvgeira , Ep. xunavgeira :— Pass. , 3 pl. aor. I sunavgerqen (for hsan ):— to gather together, assemble, Il., Hdt. :— esp. to collect an army, Hdt. :— Pass. to gather together, come together, assemble, Il.; sunagrovmenoi , Ep. syncop. aor. 2 pass. part ., those

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