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assembled, an assembly, Ib.

2. to collect the means of living, Od.; and in Med. to collect for oneself, Ib.
3. metaph ., ". eJautovn to collect oneself, Plat. :—so in Pass. , Id.


sunavgkeia , hJ , = misgavgkeia , Anth.


sun-avgnu<Eth>mi , aor. I sunevaxa , to break together, break to pieces, shiver, shatter, Hom.


sun-a±goreuvw , (the fut. in use is sunerw` , aor. 2 sunei`pon , pf. suneivrhka ):— to join in advocating, advocate the same thing with, tiv tini Thuc ., Xen.

2. to join in advising another, tiniv Lys.
3. ". tiniv to speak with or in behalf of a person, support him, advocate his cause, Thuc .: so, c. dat.

rei, ". tino;" swthriva/ Dem.


sun-agreuvw , to join in the chase, Anth.


sunagrovmeno" , Ep. aor. 2 part. pass. of sunageivrw .


sun-avgw : impf. -h`gon , Dor. -a`gon , Ep. -a±gon : f. sunavxw : aor. 2 sunhvgagon : pf. sunh`ca and sunaghvoca , Pass. sunh`gmai :— to bring together, gather together, collect, convene, Hom ., Hdt. , Att.

2. in hostile sense, to join battle, begin the battle-strife, Il.:—also like sumbavllw , to match two warriors one against the other, Aesch .:—hence intr. , ". eij" mevsson to engage in fight, Theocr.

3. to bring together, join in one, unite, h. Merc., Aesch. ;— ". gavmou" to contract a marriage, Xen.

4. to receive into ones house, N.T.
II. to gather together stores, crops, etc. , Xen. , etc.
III. to draw together, so as to make the extremities meet, Hdt. , Thuc. : also to draw together, narrow, contract, Hdt.

2. to contract the brows, Ar. ; ". ta; w\ta to prick the ears, of dogs, Xen.
IV. to collect from premises, i.e. to conclude, infer, Lat. colligere , Arist. Hence sunagwgeuv"


suna±gwgeuv" , oJ , one who brings together, a convener, Lys.

II. one who unites, Plat .; and sunagwghv


suna±gwghv , hJ , a bringing together, uniting, Plat.

2. a place of assembly, synagogue, N.T.
II. ". polevmou a levying of war, Thuc.
2. a gathering in of harvest, Polyb.
3. a drawing together, contracting, ". stratia`" a forming an army in column, Plat .; ". tou`

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