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proswvpou a pursing up or wrinkling of the face, Isocr.

4. a collection of writings, Arist.
III. a conclusion, inference, Id.


sun-a±gwgov" , ovn , bringing together, uniting, Plat.


sun-a±gwniavw , to share in the anxiety, Polyb.


sun-a±gwnivzomai , f. Att. iou`mai , Dep. to contend along with, to share in a contest, tini with one, Thuc. , etc. :—generally, x. tini to share in the fortunes of another, Id.

2. to help, succour, tini Dem.
3. absol. to fight on the same side, Thuc.


sun-a±gwnisthv" , ou`, oJ , one who shares with another in a contest, a fellow-combatant, coadjutor, Plat. , etc. ; tinov" for a thing, Aeschin. , Dem.


sun-avdelfo" , on , one that has a brother or sister, Xen.


sun-a±diØkevw , f. hvsw , to join in wrong or injury, tiniv with another, Thuc. , Xen. ; absol. , Thuc. , Xen. :— Pass. to be wronged alike, Dem.


sun-av/dw , f. -av/somai , to sing with or together, Aeschin .; ". wj/davn Ar.

2. generally, to be in accord with, tiniv Soph ., Plat.
II. trans. to celebrate together, tinav Theocr.


sun-aeivdw , poët. for sunav/dw , Theocr.


sun-aeivrw : aor. I -hveira : = sunaivrw , to raise up together, Il.

II. to bind or yoke together, Ib.; — Med. , sunaeivretai i{ppou" Ib.


sun-aqlevw , f. hvsw , to strive together, tiniv for a thing, N.T.

2. to strive or labour with others, tisiv Ib.


sun-aqroivzw , f. sw , to gather together, assemble, of soldiers, Xen. , Plat. , etc.

2. of things, in Pass. , to; kefavlaion touvtwn xunhqroismevnwn the sum of these collected amounts, Plat.

3. of a single person, ouj xunhvqroistai stratw`/ has not joined the main army, Eur.

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