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sunaqroismov" , oJ , a collection, union, Babr.


sun-a±quvrw »u<Eth>1/4 , to play with, tiniv Mosch.


sun-a<Eth>i?gdhn , ( aji?ssw ) Adv. pressing violently together, Hes.


suvn-aimo" , on , ( ai|ma ) of common blood, kindred, Soph ., Eur.

2. as Subst. a kinsman, kinswoman, esp. a brother, sister, Soph.
3. Zeu;" x . as presiding over kindred, Id.; nei`ko" x . strife between kinsmen, Id.


sun-ainevw , f. evsw , to join in praising, Aesch.

II. to consent, absol ., Id., Soph. , etc. ; ". tiniv to agree with a person, Hdt.
2. c. acc. rei, to agree to, promise, Soph ., Xen. , etc. : to grant at once, Xen.
3. c. inf. to agree or consent to do, Id.


sun-aivnuØmai , Dep. to take up, Il.


sun-airevw , f. hvsw , f. 2 sunelw` : aor. 2 sunei`lon , Ep. suvnelon :— to grasp or seize together, to seize at once, Od., Thuc.

2. to bring together, bring into small compass; in speaking, xunelw;n levgw briefly, in a word, Thuc. ; wJ" sunelovnti eijpei`n Xen .; so, sunelovnti alone, Dem.

II. to make away with, crush, ojfru`" suvnelen livqo" Il.:— metaph. to make an end of, to;n povlemon Plut .: —Pass ., Thuc.

2. to help to take or conquer, Hdt ., Thuc.


sun-aivrw , poët. sunaeivrw ( q.v. ): aor. I sunh`ra :— to take up together, Arist ., Plut. ; ". lovgon metav tino" to balance accounts with another, N.T.

II. Med. to take part in a thing, c. gen ., Thuc.
2. c. acc. rei, to help in bearing, Id., Dem. ; also to engage in a thing, undertake it, Aesch. , Eur.
3. tw`n skelw`n " . to catch by both legs, Plut.
III. Pass ., sunaivresqai eij" to; aujtov to be joined together, unite, Xen.
2. to contribute, assist, Dem.


sun-aisqavnomai , aor. 2 -h/sqovmhn , Dep. to perceive also or at the same time, Arist.


sun-aitiavomai , f. avsomai »a<Eth>1/4 , Dep. to accuse along with, Plut.


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