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sun-a±ra±rivskw , to join together.

II. intr. in pf. sunavrhra , to hang together, h. Hom.


sun-a±ravssw , Att. -ttw , f. xw , to dash together, dash in pieces, shiver, shatter, Hom .; ". oi\kon, povlin Eur .: —Pass. to be shattered, Od., Hdt. ; sunaravssesqai kefalav" to have their heads dashed together, Hdt.


sun-a±revskw , f. -arevsw , to please or satisfy together, c. dat ., Dem.

2. impers ., like Lat. placet , sunarevskei moi I am content also, Xen.


sunavrhra , pf. intr. of sunararivskw .


suvn-arqro" , on , ( a[rqron ) linked together with, Aesch.


suØn-a±riqmevw , f. hvsw , to reckon in, to take into the account, enumerate, Isae.; so in Med. , Aeschin. :— Pass. to be counted with others, to be taken into account, Arist.


sun-a<Eth>ristavw , f. hvsw , to take breakfast or luncheon with, tiniv Ar ., Aeschin.


sun-a±risteuvw , f. sw , to do brave deeds together, Eur.


sun-arkevomai , Dep. to acquiesce along with, tini Theophr.


sun-armovzw , Att. -ovttw : Dor. f. -ovxw :— Pass. , pf. -hvrmosmai , aor. I -hrmovsqhn :

1. in physical sense, to fit together, Thuc .; sunarmovzein blevfara to close them, Eur. :— Pass. , livqoi eu\ sunhrmosmevnoi Hdt.

2. to put together, so as to make a whole, skavfo", i{ppon Eur .: —Pass ., ouj kalw`" sunhrmosmevna Dem.

3. to combine in act or thought, Solon, Plat.
4. metaph. to adapt one thing to another, eujcereiva/ ". brotouv" , i.e. to make them indifferent to crime, Aesch. :— Pass. , pro;" parovnta sunhrmosmevno" Xen.

II. intr. to fit together, agree, Plat ., Xen.


sun-armologevomai , Pass. to be fitted or framed together, N. T.


sun-armosthv" , ou`, oJ , one who fits together, livqwn Luc.

II. a joint-governor, Id.

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