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sou`, souvsqw, sou`sqe . To put in quick motion: to drive, hunt, chase away, Hom .; so in Med. , Il.

2. to set on, let loose at, kuvna" ". ejpi; sui? Ib.:— c. inf. to urge on, Od.
3. of things, to throw, hurl, Il.
II. Pass. and Med. to run, rush, dart or shoot along, Hom ., Trag. :— c. inf. to hasten, speed to do a thing, Il.

2. metaph. to be eager, have longings, Od.; v. ejssuvmeno" .


sefqeiv" , aor. I part. of sevbomai .


sevwn , gen. pl. of shv" .


sewutou` , fem. sewuth`" , Ion. for seautou`, seauth`" .


shkavzw , f. sw , ( shkov" ) to shut up in a pen: Pass ., shvkasqen (for ejshkavsqhsan ) kata; [Ilion were cooped up in Ilium, Il.; ejn aujlivw/ shkasqevnte" Xen.


shkiv" , ivdo", hJ , ( shkov" ) a housekeeper, porteress, Ar.


shkivth" »i<Eth>1/4, ou , Dor. sa<Eth>kivta" , a, oJ , ( shkov" ) kept in the fold, sucking, of a lamb, Theocr.


shko-kovro" , oJ, hJ , ( korevw ) cleaning a byre or pen, a herdsman, Od.

shkov", SHKO vS

SHKO vS , Dor. sa<Eth>kov" , oJ , a pen, fold, for lambs, kids, calves, Hom. , Hes. ; ". dravkonto" the dragons den, Eur.

II. a sacred enclosure, chapel, shrine, Soph ., Eur.
2. a sepulchre, burial-place, Simon.
III. the trunk of an old olive-tree, Lys.


shkovw , f. wvsw , to weigh, balance, Plut. Hence shvkwma


shvkwma , Dor. savkwma , ato", tov , in the balance, smikro;n to; so;n ". prostivqh" slight is the weight that you throw into the scale, Eur.

II. = shkov" II , a sacred enclosure, Id.

sh`ma, S `HMA

S `HMA , Dor. sa`ma , ato", tov , a sign, mark, token, Hom ., etc. ; the star on a horses forehead, Il.

2. a sign from heaven, an omen, portent, Hom ., etc.
3. generally, a sign to do or begin something, Od.; a watchword, Eur .; a battle-sign, signal, Id.

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