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4. the sign by which a grave is known, a mound, cairn, barrow, Lat. tumulus , Hom ., etc. :—generally, a grave, tomb, Hdt ., Att.

5. a token by which any ones identity was certified: the shvmata lugrav of Bellerophon were pictorial, not written, tokens ( v. gravfw init.), Il.:— the mark on the lot of Ajax, Ib.: the device or bearing on a shield, Aesch .; the seal impressed on a letter, Soph.

6. a constellation, Il., Eur.


shmaiva , hJ , ( sh`ma ) a standard, Polyb .:— a band under one standard, the Roman manipulus, Id.


shmaivnw , f. shma±nw` , Ion. a±new` : aor. I ejshvmhna and ejshvma<Eth>na :— Med. , aor. I ejshmhnavmhn, ejshmavnqhn : pf. seshvmasmai , also 3 sing. seshvmantai , inf. seshmavnqai : ( sh`ma ):— to shew by a sign, indicate, make known, point out, Hom ., etc.

2. absol. to give signs, make signals, Il., Trag.
II. to give a sign or signal to do a thing, Il.; c. inf ., Hdt. , etc. ; mh; shmhvnantov" sou without any order from you, Plat. :— c. gen. to bear command over, tinov" or ejpiv tisi Hom .: absol. to give orders, Id.; shmaivnwn = shmavntwr , Soph.

2. in war, to give the signal of attack, Thuc. ; ". th`/ savlpiggi Xen .; ". ajnacwvrhsin to make signal for retreat, Thuc. :— impers. , shmaivnei ( sc. oJ salpigkthv" ) signal is given, toi`" {Ellhsi wJ" ejshvmhne when signal was given for the Greeks to attack, Hdt. ; ejshvmaine pavnta parartevesqai signal was given to make all ready, Id.

III. to signify, indicate, announce, declare, Eur ., Hdt. , Att.
2. generally, to signify, interpret, explain, Hdt ., Aesch. ; absol. , shvmaine tell, Soph.
IV. = sfragivzw , to stamp with a sign or mark, to seal, Lat. obsignare , mostly in Med. , Xen. :— Pass. , eu\ seshmavnqai to be well sealed up, Ar .; ta; seshmasmevnai , opp. to ta; ajshvmata , Dem.

B. Med. shmaivnomai , like tekmaivromai , to give oneself a token, i.e. conclude from signs, conjecture, Soph.

II. to mark for oneself, shmaivnesqai buvblw/ ( sc. bou`n ), i.e. by sealing a strip of byblus round his horn, Hdt.


shmaio-fovro" , on , ( shmaiva, fevrw ) Lat. signifer , a standard-bearer, Polyb.


shmanthvrion , tov , a mark or seal upon anything to be kept, Aesch.


shmantri;" gh` , clay used for sealing, like our wax, Hdt.


shvmantron , tov , = shmanthvrion , a seal, Hdt ., Eur. ; metaph. , deinoi`" shmavntroisin ejsfragismevnoi , i.e. wounded, Eur.


shmavntwr , oro", oJ , ( shmaivnw II ) one who gives a signal, a leader, commander, Hom .; of a horse, a driver; of a herd, a herdsman, Il.: a subordinate officer, Hdt.

2. an informer, guide, indicator, Anth.

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