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sunergevw , impf. -hvrgoun , ( sunergov" ) to work together with, help in work, coöperate, Eur ., Xen. , etc. ;-generally, to coöperate with, assist, tiniv Dem. Hence sunevrghma


sunevrghma , ato", tov , assistance, support, Polyb.


sunerghvth" , ou, oJ , poët. for sunergavth" , Anth.


sunergiva , hJ , ( sunergevw ) joint working, coöperation, Arist .; in bad sense, conspiracy, collusion, Dem.


sun-ergov" , ovn, ( * e[rgw ) working together, joining or helping in work, and as Subst. a fellow-workman, helpmate, coadjutor, accomplice, Eur ., Thuc. , etc. ; c. dat. pers., Eur. , Thuc. :— c. gen.

rei, ". teivceo" helping to make it, Pind. ; ". ajdivkwn e[rgwn, ajreta`" helping towards them, Eur. ; ". tiniv tino" helping a person in a thing, Xen. ; ei[" or prov" ti Id.

II. of the same trade as another, a fellow-workman, colleague, Dem.


sun-evrgw , old form of Att. suneivrgw , f. suneivrxw : Ep. suneevrgw , impf. sunevergon or suneevrga±qon :— to shut up or enclose together, Hom ., Soph.

II. to fasten together, Od.:— to unite, Plat.


sun-evrdw , f. xw , to join in a work, help, tiniv Soph.


sun-ereivdw , f. sw , to set firmly together, Od.: to bind together, bind fast, Eur .: —Pass ., sunereisqei;" cevra" desmoi`" with ones hands tight bound, Id.

2. ". to;n logismovn to reason closely, Plut.
II. intr. to meet in close conflict, Id.


sun-erevw , Att. -erw` , fut. without pres. in use ( v. sunagoreuvw ): pf. -eivrhka :— to speak with or together, advocate, support in a speech, c. dat ., Xen. , Dem.


sun-evri<Eth>qo" , hJ , a helpmate, Od., Ar. ; ". tevcnai assistant arts, Plat. ; ". a[trakto" Anth.


sun-erktikov" , hv, ovn , ( sunevrgw ) of a speaker, driving his opponent into a corner, cogent, Ar.


suvnerxi" , hJ , ( sunevrgw ) close union, wedlock, Plat.


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