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sunevrrhgmai , pf. pass. of surrhvgnumi .


sun-evrcomai , f. -eleuvsomai , but the Att. fut. is suvneimi ( ei\mi ibo): Dep. with aor. 2 and pf. act .:— to go together or in company, Il.

II. to come together, assemble, Hdt ., Eur. , etc. ; ". ej" twujtov Hdt .; ". ej" lovgou" tiniv Id.; simply, ". tini to have dealings or intercourse with, Soph.

2. in hostile sense, to meet in battle, Hdt .; also of the battle, mavch uJpov tinwn xunelqou`sa engaged in, contested by them, Thuc.

3. to come together, be bonded together, Eur ., Plat. : to form a league, Dem.
4. c. acc. cogn ., tauvthn th;n strateivan xunh`lqon joined in this expedition, Thuc. ; so, to; so;n levco" xunh`lqon shared thy bed, Soph.

III. of things, to be joined in one, Id., Eur. ; of numbers, to make up a sum, Hdt.
2. of events, to concur, happen together, Id.


sun-erwtavw , f. hvsw , to ask with or at the same time, Luc.

II. to establish a point by means of question and answer, Id.


suvne" , aor. 2 imper. of sunivhmi .


suvnesi" , Att. xuvnesi" , hJ , ( suvn-eimi ( ei\mi ibo)) a coming together, union, xuvnesi" duvw potamw`n


II. ( sunivhmi ) quick comprehension, mother-wit, intelligence, sagacity, Thuc .; of animals, Plat.
2. c. gen. rei, intelligence in a thing, sagacity in respect to it, Id.; periv tino" Thuc.
III. conscience, = suneivdhsi" , Eur.
IV. a branch of art or science, Arist.


sunespavraxa , aor. I of susparavssw .


sunespovmhn , aor. 2 of sunevpomai .


sunestalmevno" , pf. pass. part. of sustevllw .


sunestawv" , for -esthkwv" , pf. part. of sunivsthmi .


sunestaurwmevno" , pf. pass. part. of sustaurovw .


sunestevon , verb. Adj. of suvneimi ( eijmiv sum), one must associate with, tiniv Plat.

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