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sunevcqw , poët. for sunecqaivrw , Soph.


sun-evcw , f. xw : aor. 2 sunevscon :— fut. med. in pass. sense, Dem. :— to hold or keep together, Il.: to enclose, encompass, embrace, Hes ., Plat.

2. to keep together, keep from dispersing, of soldiers, Xen. , Dem. :—then, ". povlin to keep the state together, keep it from falling to pieces, Eur .; kai; qeou;" kai; ajnqrwvpou" hJ koinwniva x . Plat. ; ". th;n politeivan Dem .; so, x.th;n eijresivan to keep the rowers together, make them pull in time, Thuc.

3. to constrain or force one to a thing, N.T.
4. to compress, oppress, Ib.: Pass. to be constrained, oppressed, afflicted, Hdt ., Att.
II. intr. to meet, eij" e{n Arist.


sun-hbolevw , ( ba±lei`n , with h inserted) to fall in with, c. dat ., Babr.


suvn-hbo" , oJ, hJ , ( h{bh ) a young friend, Eur.


sunhgorevw , f. hvsw , ( sunhvgoro" ) to be an advocate, ". tiniv to be his advocate, plead his cause, Ar. , Aeschin. ; also ". uJpevr tino" Dem .; periv tino" Arist.

II. ". tw`/ kathgovrw/ to second the accuser, Soph. Hence sunhgoriva


sunhgoriva , hJ , advocacy of anothers cause, a speech in his behalf, Aeschin .; and sunhgorikov"


sunhgorikov" , hv, ovn , of or for a sunhvgoro" :— to; sunhgorikovn the advocates fee, being a drachma per diem paid to the public sunhvgoroi , Ar.


sun-hvgoro" , on , ( ajgorav ) speaking with, of the same tenor with, Soph.

II. as Subst. one who speaks with another, an advocate, Aesch .:—at Athens the sunhvgoroi were of two kinds,

1. public advocates, ten being appointed annually to represent the state, Ar. , Dem. , etc.
2. private advocates, counsel, who were not allowed to take a fee, Dem.


sun-h/deva±te , Ion. for -hv/deite , 2 pl. plqpf. of suvnoida .


sun-hvdomai , f. -hsqhvsomai : aor. I -hvsqhn : Dep. :— to rejoice together, Plat ., Xen. , etc. :— ". tini to rejoice with, sympathise with, Hdt ., Att.

2. c. dat. rei, to rejoice at a thing, be pleased, gratified, Arist .; ejpiv tini Xen.
3. c. dat. pers. et rei, Soph.


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