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sun-efavptomai , Ion. sunep- , f. -avyomai , Dep. :

1. c. gen. rei, to take part in, e[rgou Pind .; tou;" sunefaptomevnou" those who take part in [the war], Aeschin.

2. c. gen. pers. to join one in attacking, Hdt.


sun-efedreuvw , f. sw , to wait to fight the conqueror, Polyb .:— ". tiniv to watch closely, Id.


sun-efevlkw , aor. I -eivlkuØsa ( cf. e{lkw ):— to draw after or along with one together, Plat.


sun-efevpomai , aor. 2 -efespovmhn , Ion. -epespovmhn , Dep. :— to follow together, Hdt .; tini with one, Xen.


sun-evfhbo" , oJ , at the age of youth together, a young comrade, Aeschin.


sun-efivsthmi , f. -episthvsw : aor. I -epevsthsa :— to set on the watch together, make attentive, Polyb. :—then ( sub. to;n nou`n ), to attend to, observe along with, Id.

II. Pass. sunefivsta±mai , with aor. 2 act. to stand over, superintend along with or together, Thuc.

2. to rise up together, katav tino" against one, N.T.


sunevceia , hJ , ( sunechv" ) continuity, Arist.

2. connexion or sequence of words or arguments, Luc.
II. continued attention, perseverance, Dem.


sunevceua , Ep. for -evcea , aor. I of sugcevw .


sunechv" , ev" , ( sunevcw ) holding together:

I. of space, continuous, contiguous, Thuc ., Plat. :— c. dat. continuous with or contiguous to, in a line with, Hdt ., Eur.

II. of Time, continuous, unintermitting, Xen .; to; xunecev" = sunevceia , Thuc.
III. of persons, constant, persevering, Xen.
B. Adv. suØnecw`" , Ion. -evw" : » .1/4 of Time , continually, Hes .; Sup. -evstata Xen.
2. with Numbers, continuously, Ar ., Thuc.
II. in Ep. sunecev" as Adv. , Il.; sunece;" aijeiv unceasing ever, Od. »su<Eth>necev" Hom ., and su<Eth>necevw" Hes ., the first syll. being lengthd. ]


sun-ecqaivrw , f. a±rw` , to join in hating, Anth.


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