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sun-nefevw , pf. -nevnofa , to collect clouds, Ar .: —impers. sunnefei` it is cloudy ( cf. u{ei ), Arist.

II. metaph. of persons, sunnefou`sa o[mmata wearing a clouded look, Eur. From sunnefhv"


sun-nefhv" , ev" , ( nevfo" ) clouded over, cloudy: —of persons, gloomy, Eur.


sun-nevw , f. -nhvsw , to pile or heap together, heap up, Hdt .: —Pass ., pf. part. xunnenhmevno" Thuc .; Ion. 3 pl. pf. pass. sunneneva±tai Hdt.


sun-nevw , f. -neuvsomai , to swim together or with, Luc.


sun-nhvcomai , f. -xomai , Dep. to swim with, tini Luc.


sun-ni<Eth>kavw , to have part in a victory with, tiniv Eur.


sun-noevw , f. hvsw , to meditate or reflect upon a thing, Soph. , Plat. :—so in Med. , Eur.

II. to perceive by thinking, comprehend, understand, Plat ., etc. :—so in Med. , Ar. Hence suvnnoia


suvnnoia , Ion. -ivh , hJ , meditation, deep thought, Soph ., etc. ; sunnoivh/ ejcovmeno" wrapt in thought, Hdt.

2. anxious thought, anxiety, Aesch ., Eur. ; sunnoiva/ oi|on devdrake by remorse for the deed, Eur.


suvn-nomo" , on , ( nevmomai ) feeding together, gregarious, Ar ., etc. : metaph. , a[taisi suvnnomoi associated with miseries, Aesch.

2. ". tiniv tino" partner with one in a thing, levktrwn xuvnnome partner of the bed, Id.: metaph. , qalavssh" suvnnomoi pevtrai , of the Symplegades which lie between two seas, Eur.

3. absol. as Subst. , suvnnomo", oJ, hJ , a partner, mate, of soldiers, Aesch. , Soph. ; of a wife, Soph.


suvn-noo" , on , Att. contr. -nou" , oun , in deep thought, thoughtful, Isocr.

2. thoughtful, circumspect, Arist.


sun-nosevw , f. hvsw , to be sick or ill together, Eur .; tiniv with one, Id.


sun-numfokovmo" , on , helping to deck a bride, Eur.


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