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sun-odeuvw , f. sw , to travel in company, Plut.


sunodiva , hJ , a journey in company, Cic.

II. a party of travellers, caravan, Strab ., N.T.


sun-odivth" »i<Eth>1/4, ou, oJ , the member of a suvnodo" , Anth.


sun-odoiporevw , f. hvsw , to travel together, tiniv with one, Luc. ; and sunodoiporiva


sunodoiporiva , hJ , a travelling together, Babr. From sunodoivporo"


sun-odoivporo" , oJ , a fellow-traveller, Xen ., Luc.


suvn-odo" , oJ, hJ , = sunodoipovro" , Anth.


suvn-odo" , hJ , an assembly, meeting, Hdt ., Att. ; xuvnodoi political unions, Ar ., Thuc.

2. a national meeting, like panhvguri" , Thuc. , Arist.
3. in hostile sense, a meeting of two armies, Ar. , Thuc. , etc.
II. of things, a coming together, in-coming, crhmavtwn suvnodoi Hdt.
2. a meeting, junction, kuavneai suvnodoi qalavssh" , of the straits of the Hellespont, Eur. ; hJ x. tou` plhsivon ajllhvlwn teqh`nai the junction resulting from approximation, Plat.


suvn-oida , pf. with pres. sense (there being no pres. suneivdw ), 1 pl. xuvnismen , 3 pl. -ivsa<Eth>si ; imper. xuvnisqi : inf. -eidevnai :— plqpf. with impf. sense, sunhv/dein , Att. -hv/dh , dual -hv/sthn , pl. -h`/smen, -h`/ste, -h`/san , Ion. 2 pl. -h/deva±te : f. suneivsomai , rarely suneidhvsw :— to share in knowledge, be cognisant of a thing, be privy to it, Lat. conscius esse , Hdt ., Att.

2. eJautw`/ suneidevnai ti to be conscious of a thing, Ar. , Plat. , etc. :—with part. , which may be
a. in nom. , x. ejmautw`/ oujdÆ oJtiou`n sofo;" w[n Plat .; without the reflex. Pron. to be conscious that, xuvnoisqav gÆ eij" e[mÆ oujk eu[orko" w[n Eur.
b. in dat. , x. ejmautw`/ oujde;n ejpistamevnw/ I am conscious that I know nothing, Plat.
c. in acc. , xuvnoidÆ jOrevsthn se ejkpagloumevnhn I know well that thou admirest him, Aesch.
3. absol. xuneidwv" , an accomplice, x. ti" Thuc .; also, oJ x. tini Id.
b. neut. to; suneidov" = suneivdhsi" , joint knowledge, consciousness, Dem.


sun-oikeiovw , f. wvsw , to bind together as friends or kinsmen, to associate or combine with, tinav tini Plut ., etc. : Pass. to be closely united, Arist.


sun-oikevw , f. hvsw , to dwell together, Plat ., etc. ; ". tiniv to live with, Aesch ., etc.

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