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2. to live together in wedlock, cohabit, Hdt ., Eur. , etc. ; touvtwn sunoikhsavntwn givnetai Kleisqevnh" from their marriage sprang Cleisthenes, Hdt.

3. metaph ., a[cqo" w|/ xunoikei` the grief with which he is associated, Soph .; so, ". fovbw/ Eur .; hJdonai`", ajmaqiva/ Plat .; iJppikoi`" ejn h[qesi x . being versed in the ways of horses, Eur.
b. reversely, with the thing as subject, gh`ra" i{na pavnta kaka; kakw`n xunoikei` old age with which all evils are associated, Soph .; of the poisoned robe of Hercules, to cling closely, Id.

II. c. acc. loci, to colonise jointly with, Kurhnaivoisi ". Libuvhn Hdt .: —Pass ., of a country, to be thickly peopled, Xen. Hence sunoivkhma


sunoivkhma , ato", tov , that with which one lives, a housefellow, Hdt .; and sunoivkhsi"


sunoivkhsi" , hJ , cohabitation, pwlevesqai ejpi; sunoikhvsi ( Ion. for -hvsei ), Hdt. ; and sunoikhvtwr


sunoikhvtwr , oro", oJ , a house-fellow, Aesch.


sunoikiva , hJ , = sunoivkhsi", Pallavdo" devxomai xunoikivan will accept the offer of living with her, Aesch.

II. a body of people living together, a settlement, community, Plat.
III. a house in which several families live, a house divided into flats, Lat. insula , opp. to oijkiva (a dwelling occupied by one family), Thuc. , Xen. , etc.

2. a back-room, outhouse, Ar.


sun-oikivzw , f. Att. iw` : pf. -wv/kika :— to make to live with, Isocr .; ". tini; th;n qugatevra to give him ones daughter in marriage, Hdt.

II. to combine in one city, unite under a capital or metropolis, x. pavnta" ( sc. ej" ta;sÆAqhvna" ) Thuc. :— Pass. , xunoikisqeivsh" povlew" the city having been regularly formed, opp. to kata; kwvma" oijkivzesqai , Id.

III. to join in peopling or colonising a country, Eur. , Thuc.
IV. generally to unite, associate, Plut.


sunoivkion , tov , ( suvnoiko" ) a joint lodging: pl. sunoivkia ( sc. iJerav ) , tav , a public feast in memory of Theseus‘ uniting all Attica under Athens, celebrated on the 17th Bo×dromion, Thuc.


sunoivkiØsi" , hJ , union with the capital, Thuc .; and sunoikismov"


sunoikismov" , oJ , a living together, marriage, Plut.

II. = sunoivkisi" , Id.; and sunoikisthvr


sunoikisthvr , h`ro", oJ , a fellow-colonist, Pind.

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