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suntavmnw , Ion. for suntevmnw .


sunta±nuvw , f. uvsw »uØ1/4 , = sunteivnw , to stretch together, pollw`n peivrata suntanuvsai" ( Dor. for -uvsa" ) bringing together the issues of many events, Pind.


suvntaxi" , ew", hJ , ( suntavssw ) a putting together, arranging, arrangement, organisation, order, Thuc. , Xen. : rule, Dem.

2. a systematic treatise, Arist .: a narrative, Polyb.
3. grammatical construction, syntax, Luc.
II. a body of troops, hJ eij" murivou" " . their contingent towards 10,000, Xen.
2. a covenant, contract, Dem.
3. an assigned impost, contribution, Id., Aeschin.
4. a payment, allowance, pension, Dem.


sun-ta±ravssw , Att. -ttw , f. xw , to throw all together into confusion, to confound, disturb, trouble, Lat. conturbare , Il., Hdt. , Att. :— Pass. , aijqh;r povntw/ xuntetavraktai air is confounded with sea, Aesch. : to be thrown into confusion, of soldiers, Thuc. ; of social order, Soph. , Thuc. ; metaph. of persons, to be confounded, greatly troubled, much distressed, Hdt.


sun-tavssw , Att. -ttw , f. xw , to put in order together, esp. of soldiers, to draw up, put in array, Hdt. , Thuc. , etc. ; ". pezou;" tw`/ iJppikw`/ to draw up the foot in line with the horse, Xen. :— Pass. to be drawn up in line, Eur ., etc. ; mavlista xuntetagmevnoi panto;" tou` stratou` in the best order of all the army, Thuc. :—so in Med. to form in line, suntaxavmenoi tisi or metav tinwn with others, Xen. ;—but the Med. is also trans. , suntaxavmeno" th;n favlagga having drawn up his phalanx, Id.

2. in Pass. , of single persons, to be collected, resolute, steady, Thuc ., Xen.
II. to arrange, organise, Plat .:—in bad sense, to concoct, Aeschin .: —Pass. to be organised, Arist .; oiJ suntetagmevnoi the conspirators, Xen.

2. of taxation, to fix or assess a payment, Aeschin. :— Pass. to be organised for paying contributions, Dem .: —Med. to agree to such assessment, Id.

3. c. inf. to ordain, prescribe, tina; poiei`n ti Xen ., Aeschin. ; of a physician, qeravpeian ". tiniv Plut. :— Pass. to be prescribed, tau`ta tw`/ nauarcw`/ sunetavcqh Dem.

III. Med. to agree together, Id.
IV. Med. also, ". tini to take leave of one, bid him farewell, Anth.


sun-ta±cuvnw »u<Eth>1/4 , f. uØnw` , to hurry on, ti Hdt.

II. intr ., oJ bivo" suntacuvnei life hastens to an end, Id.


suntevqlasmai , pf. pass. of sunqlavw .


suntevqrammai , pf. pass. of suntrevfw .

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