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sun-teivnw , f. -tenw` , to stretch together, strain, draw tight, brace up, Eur ., Plat.

2. to strain to the uttermost, urge on, exert, Eur .; gnwvmh/ suntetamevnh/ with earnest purpose, Xen.

3. intr. in Act. to exert oneself, strive, hasten, Lat. contendere , Plat ., Plut.
II. to direct earnestly to one point, Plat.
2. intr. to direct all ones powers to one object, to be bent upon doing a thing, c. inf ., Eur. ; ". ei[" ti Dem. ; prov" ti Isocr ., etc.


sun-teicivzw , f. Att. iw` , to help to build a wall or fortification, Thuc ., Xen.


sun-tekmaivromai , Dep. to conjecture from signs or symptoms, to calculate, Thuc ., Xen.


sun-teknopoievw , to breed children with, ajndriv Xen.


sun-televqw, = suntelevw III , to belong to, Pind.


suntevleia , hJ , ( suntelevw II ), a joint payment, joint contribution for public burdens, Dem .; eij" ". a[gein ta;" corhgiva" , i.e. to leave the choregia to be defrayed by subscription, Id.

II. at Athens, a partnership for bearing public burdens, Decret. ap. Dem.
2. generally, a company, of the gods, who separately were called tevleioi , Aesch.
III. combination of efforts, the consummation of a scheme, Polyb.


sun-televw , f. evsw , to bring quite to an end, complete, accomplish, ". th;n dapavnhn to make up the whole expense, Dem. ; ". eij" ta; eJkato;n a{rmata to make up the number of 100 chariots, Xen. :—so in Med. , Polyb.

II. to pay towards common expenses, contribute, Aeschin ., Dem.
III. since at Athens all citizens were classed acc. to the contributions to which they were liable, ". eij"
. . meant to belong to a class, be counted in it, ". eij" a[ndra" Isocr .; eijstou;" novqou" Dem .:—hence ". eijsÆAqhvna", eij" to; jArkadikovn , used of a number of small states tributary or subject to a larger, Thuc. ; c. dat ., ". Qhbaivoi" Isocr.


sun-telhv" , oJ, hJ , ( tevlo" ) joining in payment, a contributor, Dem.

2. belonging to the same suntevleia ( II ) or company, Id.:— metaph. , »ou[te1/4 Pavri", ou[te ". povli" neither Paris nor his associate city, Aesch.

II. tributary, Dem. Hence suntevmnw


sun-tevmnw , Ion. -tavmnw ; f. -temw` : aor. 2 -evtemon , inf. -temei`n :— to cut in pieces: to cut down, cut short, Lat. concéàdere , Thuc. :— metaph. to curtail, abridge, Aesch ., Ar. :— esp. of expenses, Thuc. ,

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