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Xen. : of persons, to cut off, Soph.

2. ". citw`na" to cut out, shape them, Xen.
II. seemingly intr. ( sub. oJdovn ) to cut the road short, cut across, Hdt .:—so, of speech, to cut the matter short, speak briefly, Eur.

III. really intr. , tou` crovnou suntavmnonto" as the time became short, Hdt.


sun-teretivzw , to whistle an accompaniment, Theophr.


sun-termonevw , f. hvsw , to border on, tiniv Polyb. From suntevrmwn


sun-tevrmwn , on , bordering on, close together, Anth.


sun-tetagmevnw" , Adv. part. pf. pass. of suntavssw , in set terms, Plat.


sun-teta±mevnw" , Adv. part. pf. pass. of sunteivnw , earnestly, eagerly, vigorously, Ar ., Plat.


sun-tetraivnw , f. -trhvsw : aor. 2 -evtrhsa : pf. pass. -tevtrhmai :— to bore through so as to meet, ". tou;" mucou;" ajllhvloi" carrying their creeks thpough so a" to meet one another, Hdt. ; e{teron »mevtallon1/4 suntrh`sai eij" ta; tw`n plhsivon to run another gallery into ones neighbours mines, Dem. :— Pass. to be carried by a connecting channel or duct, Plat ., Arist.

II. metaph ., diÆ w[twn suntevtraine mu`qon let the word pierce through thy ears, Aesch.


sun-tevtrimmai , pf. pass. of sun-trivbw : sun-tetrivfqai , inf.


sun-tecnavzw , f. sw , to join in plots with, tiniv Plut.


suvn-tecno" , oJ, hJ , ( tevcnh ) practising the same art, c. gen. ones mate or fellow-workman, Ar.


sun-thvkw , f. xw , to fuse into one mass, to weld together, Lat. conflare , Plat.

2. to melt down, dissolve: metaph. to make to waste or pine away, Eur.
II. Pass. sunthvkomai , aor. I -ethvcqhn , aor. 2 -etavkhn »a±1/4 : and in same sense intr. pf. act. suntevthka :— to be fused into one mass: metaph ., ". tini to become absolutely one with another, c. dat. , Eur. , Plat.

2. to melt away, disappear, Xen .: —metaph. to waste or fall away, Eur.


sun-threvw , f. hvsw , to preserve together: Pass ., N.T.

2. to watch ones opportunity, Plut.

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