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sun-tivqhmi , f. -qhvsw , to put together, Hdt ., Xen. , etc. ; ". a[rqra stovmato" to close the lips, Eur. 2. in Arithm. to add together, Hdt ., Eur. , etc. : also suntiqei;" gevlwn adding laughter, Soph.
II. to put together, of builders, Thuc. , Xen.
2. to construct, frame, build, Hdt .:— ". ti ajpov or e[k tino" to compose or make one thing of another, Id.

3. to construct or frame a story, Eur. , Ar. , etc. :—of an author, to compose, Thuc.
4. to frame, devise, contrive, oJ sunqei;" tavde the framer of this plot, Soph. ; ". yeudei`" aijtiva" Dem.

5. to put together, take in, comprise, Eur .; ejn bracei` xunqei;" lovgw/ putting things shortly together, Soph.

B. Med. suntivqemai , to put together for oneself, i.e. to observe, take heed to, suvnqeto boulhvn, ajoidhvn Hom .; and, simply, to perceive, hear, o{pa suvnqeto Od.: absol. , suvnqeo take heed, Hom.

2. to set in order, organise, Xen.
II. to conclude, form, a[ndressi kakoi`" sunqevmenoi filivhn Theogn .; suntivqesqai summacivhn Hdt .; ". nau`lon to agree upon the fare, Xen. :— Pass. , tou` sunteqevnto" crovnou at the time agreed upon, Plat.

2. c. inf. to covenant or agree to do, Hdt. , Thuc.
3. absol. to make a covenant, Hdt ., Xen.


sun-ti<Eth>mavw , f. hvsw , to honour together or alike, Lys.

II. to estimate together: Med. , sunetimhvsanto uJpe;r ejmou` tauvthn th;n eijsforavn they fixed this as the estimate of my contribution, Dem.


sun-tiØnavssw , f. xw , to shake to the foundations, su;n de; mavcan ejtivnaxe , i.e. closed with him, Theocr.


sun-titrwvskw , f. -trwvsw , to wound in many places, Xen.


sun-tolmavw , f. hvsw , to venture together: Dor. 2 sing. aor. 2 sun-evtla" , Eur.


suntomiva , hJ , conciseness, Plat ., Arist. From suvntomo"


suvntomo" , on , ( suntevmnw ) Lat. concisus , cut short, abridged, shortened, esp. of a road, ". a[trapo" a short cut, Ar. ; suntomwvtaton the shortest cut, Hdt .; ta; xuntomwvtata Thuc .; hJ suvntomo" ( sub. oJdov" ) Hdt.

2. of language, concise, brief, curt, short, Aesch ., Eur. , etc.
3. of Time, xuntomwtavth diapolevmhsi" Thuc.
II. Adv. -mw" , concisely, shortly, briefly, Aesch ., etc. :—so also neut. pl. suvntoma Soph .: Comp. and Sup. -wvteron, -wvtata , Isocr. ; also -wtavtw" , Soph.

2. of Time, shortly, immediately, Id., Xen. , etc.

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