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suntoniva , hJ , intense application or exertion, Arist.


suvntono" , on , ( sunteivnw ) strained tight, e[cein to; " . to be strained tight, Xen.

II. intense, impetuous, violent, Soph.
2. of persons, earnest, serious, severe, vehement, Plat ., etc. : so of Music, severe, Arist .: —Adv. -nw`" , intensely, eagerly, severely, Plat .; so neut. pl ., suvntona Eur .: —Comp. -wvteron , Arist.


sun-tra±gw/devw , f. hvsw , to act tragedy together, Luc.


sun-travpezo" »a±1/4, on , ( travpeza ) a messmate, Xen .; bivon ". e[cein to live with one, Eur.


suvn-trei" , oiJ, aiJ , -tria , tav , three together, by threes, Od.


sun-trevfw , f. -qrevyw , to feed together or besides, Xen.

II. Pass. to grow up together, Id.; tini with one, Eur.
2. of feelings or sentiments, to grow up with, Arist ., Plut. : to be organised, of bodies, Plat.


sun-trevcw , f. -qrevxomai and -dra±mou`mai : aor. 2 -evdra±mon :— to run together so as to meet, to encounter, Il.:— metaph. , eijpe; tw`/ movrw/ suntrevcei say with what death she has met, Soph.

2. to assemble, gather together, Hdt .; of clouds, to gather, Id.; of liquids, to be mingled with, c. dat. , Soph.

3. to come together, concur, agree, Hdt ., Xen.
4. to concur, coincide, of time, Eur. , Dem. ; ". tiniv to concur or coincide with, Soph.
II. to run alongside, Xen.


sun-triainovw , f. wvsw , to shatter as with a trident, Eur.


sun-trivbw »i<Eth>1/4 , f. yw :— Pass. , f. -triØbhvsomai : aor. 2 -etrivbhn »iØ1/4 :— to rub together, ". ta; purei`a to rub dry sticks together to procure a light, Luc.

II. to shiver to atoms, Ar ., etc. ; ". ta;" nau`" to stave them in, by running them aground, Thuc.
2. of persons, to beat to a jelly, crush, Lat. contundere , Eur .: —c. gen. partis, suntrivbein th`" kefalh`" Isocr .; and in Pass. , suntribh`nai th`" kefalh`" to have ones head broken, Ar.


sun-trihvrarco" , oJ , a partner in the equipment of a trireme, Dem .:— suntrihrarcevw , to be a suntrihvrarco" , Lys.


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