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suntrofiva , hJ , a being reared together, common nurture, Plut.

II. a brood, Anth. From suvntrofo"


suvntrofo" , on , ( suntrevfw ) brought up together with another, c. dat ., Hdt. , Ar. :—often of domestic animals, Hdt. , Xen. :— absol. , to; ". gevno" the people bred up with me, Soph.

2. generally, living with, Id.; ". o[mma the eye or presence of a companion, Id.; ". w]n ( sc. ajnavgkai" ) being born to difficulties, Eur.

3. of things, having grown up with one, congenital, natural, Soph .; ta; xuvntrofa every-day evils, Thuc. :— ". tini natural or habitual to, th`/ \Ellavdi penivh suvntrofo" Hdt.

II. act. a helping in the preservation, tino" of a thing, Xen.


sun-trocavzw , like suntrevcw , to run together, Plut.


sun-tugcavnw , f. -teuvxomai : aor. 2 -evtuØcon :— to meet with, fall in with, tiniv Hdt ., Soph. , etc. : oiJ suntucovnte" , of two persons meeting, Hdt .; but, oJ suntucwvn , like oJ tucwvn , the first that meets one, any one, Eur .; oJ ajei; xuntucwvn Id.; so of things, to; suntucovn what first comes to hand, anything common, mean, bad, Hdt ., Xen.

2. rarely, like tugcavnw , c. gen ., which is governed by suvn, suntucw;n kakw`n ajndrw`n having like others met with evil men, Soph.

II. of accidents, to happen to, befall, ta; suntucovnta sfi Hdt .: —absol. to happen, fall out, eu\ xuntucovntwn if things go well, Aesch. ; oJ x. kivnduno" Thuc .: —impers ., sunetuvgcane, sunevtuce it happened that. . , c. inf ., Id.


sun-tuØrannoktonevw , to join in slaying tyrants, Luc.


sun-tu<Eth>rovw , f. wvsw , to make into cheese together: hence, comically, tajk Boiwtw`n sunturouvmena the troubles that are being concocted on the part of the Boeotians, Ar.


suntuØciva , Ion. -ivh , hJ , ( suntugcavnw ) an occurrence, a hap, chance, event, incident, Solon, Hdt. , Att. ; wJ" eJkavstoi" th`" xuntuciva" e[scen according to the circumstances of each party, Thuc. ; kata; suntucivhn by chance, Hdt .:—in pl. the chances of life, circumstances, Thuc.

2. sometimes a happy chance, success, Pind ., Hdt. ;—or a mishap, misfortune, Eur.


sun-uvpa±to" , oJ , a colleague in the consulship. Hence sunupodeivknumi


sun-upodeivknu<Eth>mi and -uvw , f. -deivxw , to indicate together, tiv tini Polyb.


sun-upoduvomai , Med. to undergo together, Plut.


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