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sustolhv , hJ , ( sustevllw ) a drawing together, contraction, limitation, Plut.


sustolivzw , = sustevllw , to put together, fabricate, Eur.

II. to unite, tinav tini Anth.


su-stra±teiva , hJ , a common campaign, Xen.


su-stra±teuvw , f. -euvsw , and as Dep. sustrateuvomai , f. -euvsomai :— to make a campaign or serve together, to join or share in an expedition, absol ., Hdt. , Thuc. , etc. ; tiniv with another, Hdt. , Thuc.


sustra±thgevw , to be the fellow-general of, tinov" Dem.


su-stravthgo" , oJ , a joint-commander, Eur ., Thuc. , etc.


su-stra±tiwvth" , ou, oJ , a fellow-soldier, Lat. commilito , Xen ., etc.


su-stra±topedeuvomai , Dep. to encamp along with, tini or suvn tini Xen.


suvstremma , ato", tov , anything twisted up together: a body of men, a crowd, concourse, Polyb. From sustrevfw


su-strevfw , f. yw , to twist up into a ball, Lat. conglobare : of animals, to gather themselves together, in preparing to spring, Plat. : of soldiers, ". eJwutouv" to collect themselves, rally, Hdt .: Pass. , sustrafevnte" in a body, Id.; ejpi; penthvkonta ajspivdwn sunestrammevnoi h\san they were formed in a mass 50 deep, Xen.

II. of soldiers, also, sustrevfein ejpi; dovru to wheel them to the right, Id.; ". to;n i{ppon to turn him sharply, Plut.

III. to form into an organised whole, unite, Hdt .: —Pass. to unite, club together, conspire, Thuc ., Aeschin.

IV. of sentences, narratives, and the like, to compress, Arist .: absol. , sustrevya" gravfei writes briefly, curtly, Aeschin .: —Pass ., rJh`ma bracu; kai; sunestrammevnon a short and pithy saying, Plat. Hence sustrofhv


sustrofhv , hJ , a dense mass of men, a gathering of people, Hdt.

2. a sudden storm, Polyb.


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