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su-sfavzw , to slay along with: Pass ., aor. 2 inf. susfagh`nai to be slain with another, tini Eur.


su-sfivggw , to condense: Pass. , Anth.


su-schma±tivzw , to conform one thing to another, ti prov" ti Arist .: —Pass. to form oneself after another, to be conformed to his example, N.T.


su-scolavzw , f. sw , to be a fellow-pupil or companion in philosophy, to pass ones time with or together, Plut.


suvto »uØ1/4 , Ep. 3 sing. aor. 2 pass. of seuvw .


suØfeov" and suØfeiov" , oJ , ( su`" ) a hog-sty, Od.; sufeovnde to the sty, Ib.


suØ-fovrbion , tov , ( su`", fevrbw ) a herd of swine, Anth.


suØ-forbov" , oJ , ( su`", fevrbw ) a swineherd, Hom.

sucnov", SUCNO vS

SUCNO vS , hv, ovn , of Time, long, Hdt ., etc. ; ".lovgo" a long speech, Plat.

II. of Number, many, Hdt ., Ar. , etc. ; many days together, Ar .: —c. gen ., sucnai; tw`n nhvswn Hdt. :— absol. , sucnoiv many people together, Ar ., etc. :—with sing. nouns, much, great, Id., Plat. , etc. ; to; polivcnion sucno;n poiei`n to make the small town large, Plat .: —c. gen ., th`" marivlh" sucnhvn Ar.

B. the Adv. sucnw`" (Antipho) is rare, the neut. sucnovn, sucnav being used instead, often, much, Plat. : far, Xen.

II. dat. sucnw`/ with Comp. Adj ., newvtero" ejmou` kai; sucnw`/ younger by a good deal, Dem.


sfa±gei`on , tov , ( sfavzw ) a bowl for catching the blood of the victim in sacrifices, Eur.

II. = sfavgion , the victim, Id.


sfa±geuv" , evw", oJ , ( sfavzw ) a slayer, butcher, Eur .: a murderer, cut-throat, Dem .:—in Soph. , oJ sfageu;" e{sthke the slayer is set, i.e. the sword on which Ajax is about to throw himself:— a sacrificial knife, Eur.


sfa±ghv , hJ , ( sfavzw ) slaughter, butchery, in sing. and pl. , Trag. , Plat. , etc. ; ai{mato" sfaghv the blood gushing from the wound, Aesch. ; kaqavrmoson sfagav" close the gaping wound, Eur.

II. the throat, the spot where the victim is struck ( cf. Lat. jugulum, jugulari ), in pl. , Id., Thuc.

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