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sfugmov" , oJ , ( sfuvzw ) a throbbing of parts, pulsation, vibration, Plut.


sfugm-wvdh" , e" , ( ei\do" ) like the pulse, Arist.


sfudavw , only in pres. , = sfuvzw : metaph. to be in full vigour, Aesch.


sfuvzw , Dor. sfuvsdw (Root SFUG ), only in pres. and impf. , to throb, beat, of the pulse, Plat. : to be feverish, Theocr.

sfu`ra, SF `URA

SF `UR ØA , hJ , a hammer, Od., Hdt.

2. a beetle, mallet, for breaking clods of earth, Hes. , Ar.


sfu<Eth>r-hvla±to" , on , ( ejlauvnw ) wrought with the hammer, beaten out, as opp. to cast metal ( cwneutov" ), Hdt. , Aesch. , etc.

II. metaph. wrought as of iron, rigid, Luc.

sfu rovn, SFU RO vN

SF ØURO vN , tov , the ankle, Il., Att.

II. metaph, the foot of a mountain, Pind. , Anth. ; also, Libuva" a[kron sfurovn the very furthest part of Libya, Theocr.


sfuvsdhn , Dor. for sfuvzein , inf. of sfuvzw .


sfwv , shortened nom. and acc. for sfw`i , v. suv II .


sfwev , dual nom. and acc. of Pron. of 3rd pers.; dat. sfwi?n :— they two, both of them, only masc. and fem. , and always enclit., Hom.


sfw`i, sfw`in , dual masc. and fem. of Pron. of 2nd pers., ye two; v. suv II .


sfwivtero" »iØ1/4, a, on , possess. Adj. of sfw`i , Pron. of 2nd pers. dual, of you two, sfwivteron e[po" the word of you two, Il.; for 2nd pers. sing. , thine own, thine, thy, Theocr.

2. of 3rd pers. sing. , his or her own, Lat. suus , Id.


sfw`/n , contr. for sfw`in , gen. and dat. of sfw`i .

sca dwvn, SCA DW vN

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