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SC ØADW vN , ovno", hJ , a honey-cell, and in pl. a honeycomb, Lat. favus , Ar ., Theocr.

scavzw, SCA vZW

SCA vZW , impf. e[scwn (as if from * scavw ): f. scavsw »a±1/4 : aor. I e[sca±sa :—properly to let loose: hence to slit, open, Ar .; sc. flevba to open a vein, Xen. , etc. :—of flowers, sc. kavluka" Anth.

II. to let fall, drop, Xen.
2. to let go, scavsa" th;n frontivda having let the mind go, given it play, Ar .; sc. ta;" mhcanav" to let off the engines, Plut.

3. to check, stop, stay, Lat. inhibere , kwvpan scavson , i.e. cease rowing, Pind. ; scavson o[mma lower thine eyes, Eur. :— Med. , scasavmeno" th;n iJppikhvn having dropt ones horsemanship, ‘given up the turf,’ Ar.

sca liv", SCA LI vS

SC ØALI vS , ivdo", hJ , a forked stick used to prop nets, Xen.


* scavw , v. scavzw .


scev , aor. 2 imper. of e[cw .


scevdhn , Adv. ( scei`n , aor. 2 of e[cw ) gently, thoughtfully, Xen.


scediva , Ion. -ivh , hJ , a raft, float (such as was made off-hand, cf. scevdio" II ), Od., Thuc. ; generally, a boat, ship, Eur ., Theocr.

2. a bridge of boats, of the bridge of Xerxes, Hdt. , Aesch.


scediavzw , f. avsw , ( scevdio" ) to do a thing off-hand, Plat.


scedivhn , Ep. Adv. ( acc. fem. of scevdio" ), of Place, near, close at hand, Lat. cominus , Il.

II. of Time, straightway, at once, Babr.


scevdio" , a, on , ( scedovn ):

I. of Place, hand to hand, in or for close combat, Aesch.
II. of Time, on the spur of the moment, off-hand, Anth.


scedovqen , Adv. properly, from nigh at hand, nigh at hand, near, Lat. cominus , Hom .; c. gen ., Od. From scedovn


scedovn , Adv. ( scei`n , aor. 2 of scevdio" ):

I. of Place, close, near, hard by, nigh, Lat. cominus , Hom ., Hes. ; scedo;n ou[tase Il.; c. gen .,

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