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scetliavzw , f. avsw , to complain of hardship, to complain angrily, inveigh bitterly, Ar ., Oratt. Hence scetliasmov"


scetliasmov" , oJ , passionate complaint, Thuc ., Arist.


scevtlio" , a ( Ion. h ) , on , also o", on , ( scei`n ):

I. of persons, properly, unwearying, scevtlio" ejssi Il.
2. in bad sense, unflinching, cruel, merciless, Hom .:—so in Att. , wicked, Dem ., etc. :—of beasts, savage, Hdt.

3. like tlhvmwn , miserable, wretched, unhappy, Aesch ., Eur. ; often with a notion of contempt, w\ scetliwvtate ajndrw`n O most wretched fool! Hdt .; w\ scevtlie Soph .; c. gen ., w\ scetliva tw`n povnwn O wretched for thy sufferings, Eur.

II. of things, sc. u{pno" cruel sleep, during which Odysseus was abandoned by his companions, Od.; scevtlia e[rga cruel, shocking doings, Ib.; scevtlia paqei`n Eur ., etc. ; sc. kai; deinav Ar .: also, scevtlia »ejstiv1/4 , c. acc. et inf. , Soph.

III. Adv. -ivw" , Isocr.


scevto , 3 sing. aor. 2 med. of e[cw .


sch`ma , ato", tov , ( scei`n ) like Lat. habitus , form, shape, figure, Eur ., Ar. , etc. ; as a periphr., sch`ma pevtra" = pevtra , Soph. ; sc. dovmwn Eur.

2. form, figure, appearance, as opp. to the reality: a show, pretence, Thuc .; e[cei ti sch`ma Eur.
3. the bearing, look, air, mien of a person, Hdt. , Soph. : in pl. gestures, Xen.
4. the fashion, manner, way of a thing, sc. stolh`" fashion of dress, Soph. ; sc. bivou, mavch" Eur. : absol. dress, equipment, Ar ., Plat.

5. the form, character, characteristic property of a thing, Thuc. ; basileiva" sc . the form of monarchy, Arist.

6. a figure in dancing, Ar. : in pl. pantomimic gestures, postures, Id., etc. Hence schmativzw


schmativzw , f. Att. iw` :— Pass. , pf. ejschmavtismai Arist ., v. infr. 11. 1; but in sense of Med. , v. 1. 2:

I. intr. to assume a certain form, figure, posture or position, Plat .: absol. to gesticulate, dance figures, Ar .: —Med ., prostavsew" h}n schmativzontai of the pompous appearance which they assume, Plat.

2. in Med. also, to demean oneself in a certain way, make a show of being or doing, wJ" eijdw;" ejschmavtistai he made as if he knew him, Id.; c. inf ., schmativzontai ajmaqei`" ei\nai they pretend

to be ignorant, Id.

II. trans. to give a certain form to a thing, to form, fashion, Plut .: —Med ., schmativzesqai kovmhn to arrange ones hair, Eur. :— Pass. to be fashioned, Aesch .; also to deck out, dress up, embellish, Luc .; to gesticulate, Xen.


schmavtion »a±1/4, tov , Dim. of sch`ma : in pl. the figures of a dance, Hdt.

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