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schma±tismov" , oJ , the assumption of a certain form or appearance, deportment, Plat.

2. in bad sense, assumption of manner, pretence, Id.


schma±to-poievw , f. hvsw , to bring into a certain form: Pass. to take a certain shape or posture, Xen.


schvsw , fut. of e[cw .


scivdax , a±ko", oJ , = scivza , Anth.


scivza , Ion. scivzh , h", hJ , ( scivzw ) a piece of wood cleft off, a lath, splinter, Lat. scindula , Od., Ar. : in pl. cleft wood, fire-wood, Hom.

2. an arrow, Anth.


scivzw (Root SCID ), f. ivsw »iØ1/4 : aor. I e[sciØsa : Ep. scivssa :— Pass. , aor. I ejscivsqhn : pf. e[scismai :— to split, cleave, Hes .; e[scise dwvdeka moivra" , i.e. divided them into twelve parts, h. Hom. ; sc. kavra pelevkei Soph.

2. generally, to part, separate, Nei`lo" mevshn Ai[gupton scivzwn Hdt .: —Pass ., ejscivsqh oJ potamov" Id.; Nei`lo" scivzetai trifasiva" oJdouv" branches into three channels, Id.; ejscivzontov sfewn aiJ gnw`mai their opinions were divided, Id.


sci<Eth>no-kevfa±lo" , on , ( sci`no" II ) with a squill-shaped (i.e. peaked) head, epith. of Pericles, Plut.


sci`no" , hJ , the mastich-tree, Lat. lentiscus , Theocr.

2. its fruit, Hdt.
II. a squill, = skivlla , Ar.


scisqh`nai , aor. I pass. inf. of scivzw .


scivsi" »iØ1/4, ew", hJ , ( scivzw ) a cleaving, cleavage, parting, division, Plat.


scivsma , ato", tov , ( scivzw ) a cleft, a rent in a garment, N.T.

II. division of opinion, schism, Ib.


scismov" , oJ , ( scivzw ) a cleaving, Aesch.

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