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SI vMBLOS , oJ , a beehive, Hes ., Theocr. 2. metaph. any store or hoard, Ar.


simikivnqion , tov , = shmikivnqion .


SiØmovei" , ento", oJ , the river Simoïs, Il.; contr. SiØmou`" , ou`nto" , Hes. ; Adj. Simoevntio" , contr. Simouvntio" , a, on , or o", on , Eur. ; poët. fem. Simoentiv", ivdo" , Id.; also Simoeivsio" , on , Strab.

si mov", SI MO vS

SI-MO vS , hv, ovn , snub-nosed, flat-nosed, like the Tartars (or Scythians, as the Ancients called them), Hdt. , etc. :—of the nose, snub, flat, opp. to grupov" , Xen. ;—as this kind of nose gives a pert expression, simav as Adv. means sneeringly, Anth.

II. metaph. bent upwards, up-hill, pro;" to; simo;n diwvkein to pursue uphill, Xen .:—generally, hollow, concave, Id.


Si`mo" , oJ , masc. prop. n. Flat-nose, Anth.


si<Eth>movth" , hto", hJ , ( simov" ) the shape of a snub nose, snubbiness, Xen.

II. metaph ., th;n ". tw`n ojdovntwn the upward curve of a boars tusks, Id.


SiØmou`" , ou`nto", oJ , contr. for Simovei" .


si<Eth>movw , f. wvsw , ( simov" ) to turn up the nose, and generally, to bend upwards. Hence sivmwma


sivmwma »i<Eth>1/4, ato", tov , the upturned bow of a ship, Plut.


siØna±mwrevw , f. hvsw , ( sinavmwro" ) to ravage or destroy wantonly, Hdt .: —Pass. to be treated wantonly, Ar.


siØnamwriva , hJ , mischievousness, Arist. From sinavmwro"


siØnav-mwro" »a±1/4, on , mischievous, c. gen. rei, tw`n eJwutou` " . ruining his own affairs, Hdt. (From sivnomai, -mwro" , v. ijov-mwroi .)


sivna<Eth>piØ »siØ1/4, ew", tov , = Att. na`pu , mustard, N.T.


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