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sindwvn , ovno", hJ , sindon, a fine cloth, a kind of cambric or muslin, (prob. derived from jIndov" , Sind), Hdt. ; sindw;n bussivnh , used for mummy-cloth, Id.: generally, fine linen, Soph ., Thuc.

2. a muslin garment, Luc.


sinevomai , Ion. for sivnomai .


siniavzw , ( sinivon ) = shvqw , to sift, winnow, N.T. From sinivon


sinivon , tov , a sieve. (Deriv. unknown.)


sivni" »siØ1/4, ido", oJ , acc. sivnin , ( sivnomai ) a ravager, plunderer, Aesch .:—as Adj. destroying, ". ajnhvr as an example of a glw`ssa , Poëta ap. Arist.

II. as prop. n., Sivni" , the Destroyer, a famous robber of the Isthmus of Corinth, called oJ Pituokavmpth" , Eur. , Xen.

sivnomai, SI vNOMAI

SI vNOMAI »i<Eth>1/4 , Ep. 2 sing. sivnhai : Ion. impf. sinevsketo, -onto : f. sinhvsomai : 3 pl. aor. I ejsivnanto , Ion. -evato :

I. to do one harm or mischief, to plunder, Od.; to destroy, Id.; to pillage or waste a country, to waste or destroy the crops, Hdt.

II. generally, to hurt, harm, damage, Hes ., Hdt. : in war, to injure, harass, Hdt ., Xen. Hence sivno"


sivno" »siØ1/4, eo", tov , hurt, harm, mischief, injury, Hdt.

II. of things, a mischief, bane, plague, Aesch.


sivnth" , ou, oJ , ( sivnomai ) destructive, ravenous, of wild beasts, Il.


Sivntie" , oiJ , ( sivnomai ) the Sintians, early inhabitants of Lemnos, who were pirates, Hom.


sivntwr , oro", oJ , = sivnth" , Anth.


Sivnwn , wno", oJ , ( sivnomai ) Sinon, i.e. the Mischievous, the Greek who persuaded the Trojans to receive the wooden horse, Soph.


SiØnwvph , hJ , SinopeŒ, a town of Paphlagonia on the Black Sea, Hdt. ; Sinwpeuv" , evw", oJ , an inhabitant of it, Xen ., etc. ; hJ Sinwpiv" or Sinwpi`ti" , the country, Strab.

sivon, SI vON

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