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skhnevw , f. hvsw , ( skhnhv ) to be or dwell in a tent, to be encamped, Xen .: generally, to be quartered or billeted, ejn oijkivai" Thuc .; ejn kwvmai", kata; ta;" kwvma" Xen .; sk. eij" ta;" kwvma" to go to the villages and quarter themselves there, Id.

skhnhv, SKHN vH, skhnhv

SKHN vH , hJ , a covered place, a tent, Hdt ., Soph. , etc. :—in pl. a camp, Lat. castra , Aesch ., Xen.

2. generally, a dwelling-place, house, temple, Eur.
II. a wooden stage for actors, Plat. :—in the regular theatre, the skhnhv was a wall at the back of the stage, with doors for entrance and exit; the stage (in our sense) was proskhvnion or logei`on , the sides or wings paraskhvnia , and the wall under the stage, fronting the orchestra, uJposkhvnia .

2. oiJ ajpo; skhnh`" , the actors, players, Dem.
3. to; ejpi; skhnh`" mevro" that which is actually represented on the stage, Arist .; ta; ajpo; th`" skhnh`" ( sc. a[/smata ), odes sung on the stage, Id.

4. metaph. stage-effect, unreality, skhnh; pa`" oJ bivo" ‘all the worlds a stage,’ Anth.
III. the tented cover, tilt of a wagon, Aesch ., Xen. : also a bed-tester, Dem.
IV. an entertainment given in tents, a banquet, Xen.


skhvnhma , ato", tov , ( skhnevw ) = skhnhv , a dwelling-place, Xen .: in pl. a nest, Aesch.


skhnivdion , tov , Dim. of skhnhv , Thuc.


skhniv" , ivdo", hJ , = skhnhv , Plut.


skhnivth" »i<Eth>1/4, ou, oJ , a dweller in tents, Strab .: metaph. a low fellow, Isocr.


skhno-ba±tevw , f. hvsw , to bring on the stage, Strab.


skhnogra±fiva , hJ , scene-painting, Arist .; and skhnografikov"


skhnogra±fikov" , hv, ovn , for or in the manner of scenepainting, Strab. From skhnogravfo"


skhno-gravfo" »a±1/4, oJ , ( gravfw ) a scene-painter.


skhno-phgiva , hJ , ( phvgnumi ) a setting up of tents: the Feast of Tents or Tabernacles, N.T.


skhnopoiiva , hJ , a pitching of tents, Polyb. From skhnopoiov"

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