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skni<Eth>pai`o" , a, on , dark, skn. oJdivth" a wanderer in the twilight, Theocr. From sknipov"


skni<Eth>pov" , hv, ovn , dim-sighted. (Deriv. uncertain.)


skoliov-qrix , oJ, hJ , with curled hair or leaves, Anth.


skovlion , tov , neut. of skoliov" ( sub. mevlo" ), a song which went round at banquets, sung to the lyre by the guests, Ar. ; so called from its zigzag course —each guest who sung holding a myrtle-branch ( murrivnh ), which he passed across the table to any one he chose.

skoliov", SKOLIO vS, skoliov"

SKOLIO vS , av, ovn , curved, winding, twisted, tangled, Lat. obliquus , Hdt ., Eur. , etc. :— bent sideways, douleivh kefalh; skolihv (Hor. stat capite obstipo) Theogn .: metaph. crooked, i.e. unjust, unrighteous, Il., Hes. , etc. ; skolia; pravttein, eijpei`n Plat .:—so Adv. skoliw`" , Hes. Hence skoliovth"


skoliovth" , hto", hJ , crookedness, Plut .: in pl. the windings of a stream, etc. , Strab.


skolivwma , ato", tov , ( skoliov" ) a bend, curve, Strab.


skolopivzw , ( skovloy ) to impale.

skovloy, SKO vLOY, skovloy

SKO vLOY , opo", oJ , a pale, stake, Il., Eur. :—in pl. skovlope" , pales, a palisade, Hom ., etc.

2. a thorn, Babr ., N. T.
II. a tree, Eur.


skovluØmo" , oJ , an eatable kind of thistle, an artichoke, Hes. (Deriv. unknown.)

skovmbro", SKO vMBROS

SKO vMBROS , oJ , a sea-fish, a kind of tunny, Ar.


skop-avrch" , ou, oJ , ( a[rcw ) the chief scout, the leader of a reconnoitring party, Xen.


skopelo-drovmo" , on , running over rocks, Anth.


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