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skovpelo" , oJ , ( skopevw ) a look-out place, a peak, headland or promontory, Lat. scopulus , Hom ., etc.


skopeuvw , later form for skopevw , Strab. , etc.


skopevw and skopevomai , used by Att. writers only in pres. and impf. , the other tenses being supplied by skevptomai : ( skopov" ):— to look at or after a thing: to behold, contemplate, Pind ., Soph. , etc. :— absol. to look out, watch, Soph ., etc.

2. metaph. to look to, consider, examine, Hdt ., Att. ; sk. ti Thuc ., etc. ; sk. periv tino" or ti Plat. : absol. , ojrqw`" skopei`n Eur ., etc.

3. to look out for, c. acc ., Xen. , etc.
II. Med ., used just like Act. , Soph. , Eur.
III. Pass ., skopw`n kai; skopouvmeno" considering and being considered, Plat.


skophv , hJ , = skopiav I , in pl. , Aesch. , Xen.


skopiav , Ion. -ihv , hJ , ( skopevw ) a lookout-place, a mountain-peak, Hom .: of the Trojan acropolis, Eur. : cf. skovpelo" .

2. metaph. the height or highest point of anything, Pind.
II. a watchtower, Lat. specula , Hdt ., Plat.
III. a look-out, watch, skopih;n e[cein to keep watch, Od., Hdt.


skopiavzw , ( skopiav ) only in pres. and impf. , to look about one, spy from a high place or watchtower, Il.: to spy, explore, Od.

II. trans. to spy out, search out, discover, c. acc ., Il., Anth. , etc. :—so in Med. to look out for, Theocr.


skopihvth" , ou, oJ , ( skopiav ) a highlander, of Pan, Anth.


skopiwrevomai , Dep. to look out for, watch, Ar.


skopi-wrov" , oJ , ( w{ra , cura) a watcher.


skopov" , oJ and hJ , ( skevptomai ) one that watches, one that looks after things, Hom. ; of gods and kings, a guardian, protector, jOluvmpou sk . Pind.

2. a lookout-man, watchman, stationed on a skopiav , Lat. speculator , Hom ., Xen. : one who marks

game, Xen.

3. a spy, scout, Il., Trag.
II. the object on which one fixes the eye, a mark, Lat. scopus , Od.; ajpo; skopou` away from the mark, Ib.; so, para; skopovn Pind .; skopou` tucei`n to hit the mark, Id.; ejpi; skopo;n bavllein Xen.

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