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spei`n , aor. 2 inf. of e{pw .


spei`o , Ep. for spevo, spou` , aor. 2 imper. of e{pomai .


spei`o" , tov , Ep. for spevo" .

spei`ra, SPE `IRA, spei`ra

SPE `IRA , hJ , Lat. spira , anything wound or coiled: in pl. the coils or spires of a serpent, Eur. ; also speivrai" diktuoklwvstoi" with the nets meshy folds, Soph.

2. spei`rai boveiai thongs or straps of ox-hide bound round a boxers fist, the caestus, Theocr.
II. a body of men-at-arms, the Roman manipulus, = two centuries, Polyb. :—also a cohort, N.T.


speivra<Eth>ma , Ion. -hma , ato", tov , a coil, spire, convolution, Aesch .: aijw`no" sp . a period, cycle, Anth. From speiravomai


speiravomai , ( spei`ra ) Pass. to be coiled or folded round.


speirhdovn , Adv. in coils or spires, spirally, Anth.

II. ( spei`ra II ) of troops, in maniples, Polyb.


speivrhma , Ion. for speivrama .


speirivon , tov , Dim. of spei`ron , a light, summer-garment, Xen.

spei`ron, SPE `IRON

SPE `IRON , tov , a piece of cloth, ei[luma speivrwn a wrapping cloth, Od.; kaka; spei`ra sorry wraps, Ib.; a[ter speivrou without a shroud, Ib.; also a sail, Ib.


speir-ou`co" , oJ , ( e[cw ) forming a circle, Anth.

speivrw, SPEI vRW, speivrw

SPEI vRW , Ion. impf. speivreskon : f. sperw` : aor. I e[speira : pf. e[sparka :— Pass. , aor. 2 ejspavrhn »a±1/4 : pf. e[sparmai :— to sow:

I. to sow seed, Hes. , Att.
2. to sow children, to engender, beget them, Soph .: —Pass. to be born, Id., Eur.
3. to scatter like seed, strew, throw about, cruso;n kai; a[rguron Hdt .; drovson Eur .:— to spread abroad, as Virg. spargere voces, Soph .: —Pass. to be scattered, dispersed, Eur ., Thuc.

II. to sow a field, Hes. , Hdt. , etc. : Pass. , hJ speiromevnh Ai[gupto" the arable part of Egypt, Hdt.

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