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2. proverb., povnton speivrein , of lost labour, Theogn.


spei`sai , aor. I inf. of spevndw :— speivsaske , Ep. 3 sing.


spekoulavtwr , oro", oJ , Latin speculator, one of the body-guard, N.T.

spevndw, SPE vNDW, spevndw

SPE vNDW , Ep. subj. 2 spevndh/sqa : Ion. impf. spevndeskon : f. speivsw : aor. I e[speisa , Ep. spei`sa , Ion. 3 sing. speivsaske : pf. e[speika :— Med. , aor. I ejspeisavmhn , Ep. 1 pl. subj. speivsomen , for -wmen :— Pass. , aor. I ejspeivsqhn : pf. e[speismai (used both in med. and pass. sense):— to pour or make a drink-offering before drinking, Lat. libare , Hom .:— sp. oi\non to pour wine, Hom. ; loibav" Soph. ; spondav", coav" Eur .; ellipt., sp. ajgaqou` daivmono" ( sc. spondhvn ) to pour a libation in honour of the good genius, Ar. :—rarely c. dat. rei, u{dati sp . to make a drink-offering with water, Od.:—in N.T. the Pass. is used metaph. of a person, spevndomai ejpi; th`/ qusiva/ I am offered (as a drink-offering) over the sacrifice.

2. without any religious sense, to pour, Hdt ., Xen. , etc.
II. Med. to pour libations one with another, and, as this was the custom in making treaties, to make a treaty, make peace, Hdt ., Ar. , etc. ; spevndesqaiv tini to make peace with one, Eur. , etc. ; so, sp. prov" tina Thuc ., etc. :— spevndesqai th`/ presbeiva/ to give it pledges of safe conduct, Aeschin. : c. acc. , eijrhvnhn speisavmenoi Lakedaimonivoisi having concluded a peace with them, Hdt. ; ejspei`sqai nei`ko" to make up a quarrel, Eur. ; sp. ajnaivresin toi`" nekroi`" to make a truce for taking up the dead, Thuc. :— Pass. , of a treaty, to be concluded, Id.

spevo", SPE vOS

SPE vOS , Ep. spei`o" , tov , a cave, cavern, grotto, Hom .: of the form spevo" , Hom. uses only nom. and acc. sing ., with Ep. dat. sph`i ; of the form spei`o" , acc. sing ., gen. speivou" , dat. pl. spevssi and sphvessi ; gen. pl. speivwn h. Hom.


spevrma , ato", tov , ( speivrw ) that which is sown:

I. the seed of plants, Hes. , Hdt. , Att. :—also of animals, Pind. , Eur.
2. metaph. of the germ, origin, element of anything, sp. purov" Od.; flogov" Pind .; kakw`n Dem.
II. seed, offspring, issue, Trag ., etc.
2. race, origin, descent, Ib.


spermaivnw , f. a±nw` , to sow with seed: to beget, Hes.


spermologiva , hJ , babbling, gossip, Plut. From spermolovgo"


spermo-lovgo" , on , ( levgw ) picking up seeds, of granivorous birds, Plut.

II. metaph. one who picks up scraps of knowledge, a babbler, Dem ., N.T.


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