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povno" Aesch.


stavqen , poët. for ejstavqhsan , 3 pl. aor. I pass. of i{sthmi : but

II. sta±qevn , part. neut.


sta±qerov" , av , Ion. hv, ovn , ( sth`nai ) standing fast, steadfast, hJ staqerhv ( sc. gh` ), terra firma, Anth. ;—of the sea, calm, still, Id.

2. st. meshmbriva high noon, when the sun seems to stand still in the meridian, Plat.
3. metaph. steady, deliberate, Anth.


sta±qeutov" , hv, ovn , scorched, burnt, Aesch. From staqeuvw


sta±qeuvw , f. sw , to scorch, roast, fry, Ar.


sta±qhvsomai , f. pass. of i{sthmi .


sta`qi , Dor. for sth`qi , aor. 2 imperat. of i{sthmi .


staqmavw , f. hvsw , ( stavqmh ) to measure by rule, Eur .: —Pass ., with f. med. -hvsomai , to be measured, estimated, Ar.

II. as Dep. ( v. staqmovw ), to estimate distance or size, without actual measurement, Hdt. , Plat. : metaph. to estimate one thing by another, tiv tini Plat .; absol. to conjecture, Soph.

2. to attach weight to a thing, value it, Plat.


stavqmh , hJ , ( sth`nai ) a carpenters line, Hom ., Theogn. ; —properly a line rubbed with chalk, distinguished from the rule ( kanwvn ) Xen. , etc. :—proverb., para; stavqmhn by the rule, Lat. ad amussim , Theogn. ; but in Aesch. , para; st . beside the line, beyond measure; kata; st. noei`n to guess aright, Theocr.

II. the plummet or the plumbline, Anth.
III. the line which bounds the racecourse, the goal, Lat. meta , Pind ., Eur.
IV. metaph. a law, rule, \Ullivdo" stavqma" ejn novmoi" , i.e. according to laws of Dorian rule, Pind.


staqmhtov" , hv, ovn , ( staqmavw ) to be measured, Plat.


staqmovnde , Adv. to the stall, homewards, Od.


staqmov" , oJ , pl. staqmoiv , but in Att. also staqmav : ( sth`nai ):— a standing place for animals, Lat.

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