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stabulum , a stable, fold, Il.: a stye, Od.: of men, a dwelling, abode, Hes ., Soph.

2. quarters, lodgings for travellers or soldiers, Lat. statio , Xen.
3. in Persia, staqmoiv were stations on the royal road, where the king rested, Hdt. : hence a days journey, days march, averaging about 5 parasangs or 15 miles, Id., Xen.

4. like Lat. statio , a station for ships, Eur.
II. an upright post, the bearing pillar of the roof, Od.: a door-post, esp. in pl. , Hom. , Att.
III. the balance, Ar ., Il.; iJsta`n staqmw`/ ti prov" ti to weigh one thing against another, Hdt.
2. weight, staqmo;n e[cein tavlanton to weigh a talent, Id.; absol. in acc. , i[sa staqmovn equal in weight, Id.; hJmiplivnqia staqmo;n ditavlanta two talents in or by weight, Id.:—in pl. weights, Eur ., etc.


staqmovw :—the aor. I med. staqmwvsasqai is = staqmhvsasqai ( v. staqmavw II ), to form an estimate, to judge or conclude by or from a thing, Hdt.


staivhn , aor. 2 opt. of i{sthmi .


stai`men, stai`te, stai`en , Att. for staivhmen, staivhte, staivhen , aor. 2 opt. pl. of i{sthmi .

stai`", STA `IS

STA `IS or staiv" , tov , gen. staitov" , flour ofspelt mixed and made into dough, Hdt. Hence staivtino"


staivti<Eth>no" , h, on , of flour or dough of spelt, Hdt ., Plut.


staktov" , hv, ovn , ( stavzw ) oozing out in drops, trickling, dropping, distilling, Ar.


stavla , Dor. for sthvlh .


stavlagma , tov , that which drops, a drop, Aesch ., Soph.


sta±lagmov" , oJ , ( stalavssw ) a dropping, dripping, Aesch. , Eur. ; st. eijrhvnh" the least drop of peace, Ar.


sta±lavssw , f. xw , to let drop, davkru Eur.

II. intr. of things, to drop, drip, Id.; c. acc. cogn. , st. fovnon to drop blood, Id. (Akin to stavzw .)


sta±lavw , = stalavssw , to drop, let fall, davkru Anth.


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