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2. often in pl. , like Lat. tecta , a house, dwelling, Aesch .; kata; stevga" at home, Soph.


stegnov" , hv, ovn , contr. from steganov" , waterproof, Hdt .; stegna; oijkhvmata , of a cave, Eur.

2. as Subst. , stegnovn, tov , a covered dwelling, Xen.


stegno-fuhv" , ev" , ( fuhv ) of thick nature, Anth.


stevgo" , eo", tov , a roof: then, like stevgh , a house, mansion, Aesch ., Soph. , etc. :—of an urn containing ashes, Soph.

stevgw, STE vGW, stevgw

STE vGW , f. xw , to cover closely, so as to keep water either out or in:

A. to keep water out, nh`e" oujde;n stevgousai not watertight, Thuc .:—so in Med. , stevgesqai o[mbrou" to keep off rain from oneself, Pind .; nau`" oujk ejstevxato ku`ma Anth.

2. generally, to keep off, fend off weapons, etc. , dovru stevgein Aesch .; st. ta;" plhgav" Ar.
3. later, to bear up against, endure, Polyb ., N.T. :— absol. to contain oneself, hold out, N.T.
II. with acc. of the thing covered, to cover, shelter, protect, Soph ., Xen.
2. to cover, conceal, keep hidden, Soph ., Eur. :— Pass. to be kept secret, Thuc .; parÆ uJmw`n eu\ stegoivmeqÆ let my counsel be kept secret by you, Soph.

B. to keep water in, hold water, keep in, Eur ., Plat.
II. generally, to contain, hold, Soph ., Eur.

steivbw, STEI vBW

STEI vBW , Ep. impf. stei`bon , f. yw : aor. I e[steiya :— to tread on, tread under foot, Hom.

2. c. acc. cogn. to tread or walk on a path, Eur. ; also, corou;" steivbein to tread measures, Id.
3. absol. to tread, Id.
II. to stamp down, in Pass. , Theocr. ; aiJ steibovmenai oJdoiv the beaten roads, Xen.


stei`la , Ep. for e[steila , aor. I of stevllw .


steileihv , hJ , the hole for the handle of an axe, Od. (Deriv. unknown.) Hence steileiovn


steileiovn , tov , the handle or helve of an axe, Od.


stein-auvchn , eno", oJ, hJ , narrow-necked, Anth.


steinov-poro", steinov", steinovth" , Ion. for sten- .


stei`no" , eo", tov , ( steivnw ) a narrow, strait, confined space, Hom .; stei`no" oJdou` Il.

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