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II. generally, pressure, straits, distress, h. Hom. ; swfronei`n uJpo; stevnei to learn wisdom by suffering, Aesch.


steivnw , only in pres. and impf. , ( stenov" ) to straiten: Pass. to become strait, to be narrowed, Od.; of persons, to be straitened for room, Il.

2. to be or become full, be thronged, c. gen ., steivnonto de; shkoi; ajrnw`n the folds were crowded

with lambs, Od.; c. dat ., potamo;" steinovmeno" nekuvessi Il.:— metaph. , ajrneio;" lacnw`/ steinovmeno" burdened with its wool, Od.


steinwpov" , Ion. for stenwpov" .


steivomen , Ep. for stw`men , 1 pl. aor. 2 subj. of i{sthmi .


steiptov" , hv, ovn , v. stiptov" .


stei`ra (A), hJ , ( stereov" ) a ships keel, esp. the curved part of it, cutwater, Lat. carina , Hom.


stei`ra (B), hJ , a cow that has not calved, Od.: of a woman, barren, N.T ., Anth. From stei`ro"


stei`ro" , on , = sterrov" II , barren, Lat. sterilis , Eur.

steivcw, STEI vCW

STEI vCW : aor. I e[steixa : aor. 2 e[stiØcon :— to walk, march, go or come, Od., Hdt. , Trag. :— c. acc. loci, to go to, approach, Trag.

2. to go after one another, go in line or order (whence stivco", stivce", stoi`co" ), Il., Hdt.
3. c. acc. cogn ., st. oJdovn Aesch ., Soph.


steleovn , tov , = steileiovn , a handle, Babr ., Anth. Hence steleovw


steleovw , f. wvsw , to furnish with a handle, Anth.


stelech-tovmo" , on , ( tevmnw ) cutting stems, Anth.


stelecovomai , Pass. to grow into a stem, Strab.


stevleco" , tov , ( stevllw ) the crown of the root, stump, whence the trunk springs, Lat. codex , Pind .,

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