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stelivdion »iØ1/4, tov , Dim. of steleovn , Babr.

stevllw, STE vLLW, stevllw

STE vLLW , f. stelw` , Ep. stelevw : aor. I e[steila , Ep. stei`la : pf. e[stalka :— Med. , aor. I ejsteilavmhn : Pass. , f. sta±lhvsomai : pf. e[stalmai : plqpf. ejstavlmhn , Ep. 3 pl. ejstavlato , Ion. ejstalavdato :— to set in order, to arrange, array, equip, make ready, Hom ., Hdt. , Att. :—also, stevllein tina; ejsqh`ti to furnish with a garment, Hdt. ; so c. dupl. acc. , stolh;n st. tinav Eur .:— Med. , steivlasqai pevplou" to put on robes, Id.; metaph. , ejpi; qhvra" povqon ejstevllou didst set thy

heart upon the chase, Id.:— Pass. to fit oneself out, get ready, Il., Hdt. ; stolh;n ejstalmevno" equipt in a dress, Hdt. ; ejst. ejpi; povlemon Xen .; metaph. , ejpi; turannivdÆ ejstavlh" Ar.

II. to despatch on an expedition, and, generally, to despatch, send, Aesch ., Soph. :— Pass. to get ready for an expedition, to start, set out, Hdt .; and in aor. 2 pass. to have set out, to be on ones way, Id.; c. acc. cogn. , oJdo;n stevllesqai Soph .; stevllou begone! Aesch.

2. in Att. the Act. has sometimes the intr. sense of the Pass. , like Lat. trajicere , to prepare to go, start, set forth, where stovlon may be supplied, e[stelle ej" ajpoikivhn Hdt ., etc. :—reversely, hJ oJdo;" eij" Kovrinqon stevllei leads to Corinth, Luc.

III. Med. in sense of metapevmpomai , to send for one, Soph. : also to fetch, bring a person to a place, Id.

IV. to bring together, gather up, iJstiva stei`lan took in, furled the sails, Od.: and in Med. , iJstiva me;n steivlanto they furled their sails, Il.; citw`na" ejstavlato they girded up their clothes to work, Hes.

2. in Med. also to check, repress, lovgon stevllesqai to draw in ones words, i.e. not speak out the whole truth, Eur.

3. also in Med. to shrink from a thing, avoid it, N.T.


stelmonivai , aiJ , broad belts put round dogs when used to hunt wild beasts, Xen.

stevmbw, STE vMBW

STE vMBW , to shake, agitate, Aesch.


stevmma , ato", tov , ( stevfw ) a wreath, garland, wound by suppliants round a staff or olive branch, Il., Soph. ; sometimes worn on the head, Hdt.


stevmfuØlon , tov , ( stevmbw ) a mass of olives from which the oil has been pressed, olive-cake, Ar.


stevnagma , ato", tov , a sigh, groan, moan, Soph ., Eur.


stenagmov" , oJ , a sighing, groaning, moaning, Trag.


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